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Written by Wes Walker on December 18, 2018

This will bring a little Christmas cheer to even the most cynical humbug. Seeing someone sick with a serious illness is tough enough. Seeing a kid with one is even worse. But when the doctors say nothing can be done? It’s out of your hands. Many people pray — or say they will — in such a situation. They hope for a miracle, but often as not don’t really expect one. But every so often, the impossible happens.

Some may chalk her recovery up to some kind of a rigidly rational explanation. But explanations like those are difficult to produce with a result like the one eleven-year-old Roxli Doss just saw.

Total recovery. On a type of cancer with no known cure.

“The doctors guide us, but really the true guidance that we’re looking for is from God because that’s who we need our help from right now, and we’re really just praying for a miracle,” her father told local station KVUE in August.

Though it was thought to be impossible, the little girl’s tumor has vanished and she is back to doing what she loves — riding horses.

“When I first saw Roxli’s MRI scan, it was actually unbelievable,” Dr. Virginia Harrod with Dell Children’s Medical Center told KVUE. “The tumor is undetectable on the MRI scan, which is really unusual.”

The station reports that doctors double checked her scans just to confirm the results, and there is no sign of the tumor. Still, doctors are watching her closely and she will continue to undergo treatments, such as immunotherapy, as a precaution.
Source: GatewayPundit

She gets to go on being a kid and living her life. You can bet that she’ll have a much greater sense of what a precious gift that life really is.

God’s blessing on her and her family as they get to enjoy another Christmas together when that outcome wasn’t always so certain.

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