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Written by Chad Groening ( | Tuesday, October 30, 2018

I Stand With IsraelThe accused gunman who shot and killed Jewish worshippers at their synagogue follows a vile, twisted view of Christianity, says a longtime advocate of Israel.

Federal prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Robert Gregory Bowers, 46, who is accused of entering the Tree of Life synagogue in Philadelphia and killing 11 people.

Authorities say Bowers openly expressed hatred for Jews even after he was arrested, telling police that “all these Jews need to die.”


Laurie Cardoza-Moore, president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, says the accused murderer described himself as a “Christian nationalist” in social media posts.

“He ascribed the same religion and the same doctrine that the German Christians ascribed to with Hitler and the Nazis,” Cardoza-Moore says of Bowers. “This guy was an extremist.”

Citing the screen shots of Bowers’ social media posts, Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports  that Bowers often shared anti-Semitic views, such as President Trump “is a globalist, not a nationalist” as long as an “infestation” of Jews are allowed into the U.S.

Cardoza-Moore also warns that Bowers adopted the “false doctrine” of replacement theology, which claims the Church replaced God’s covenant with Israel, leaving the Jewish people outside God’s future plans.

“This man is against God’s people. He is against the Torah,” says Cardoza-Moore. “And for him to take the text of scripture in the New Testament to legitimize anti-Semitism and killing Jews is outrageous. He needs to be condemned.” 

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