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My Own Two Cents

I have been listening to FOX NEWS CHANNEL all day. I’ve heard the very careful reporting and it has been consistent. I first heard about this as I got a news alert on my phone, and I had an immediate response – “This is too contrived”.

Just look at what we’ve been told so far, and what we know of the Leftist past conduct; 

  • All the targets of the bombs are Leftist elite personalities.
  • Beginning with Soros, every package was detected early enough that no one was in danger.
  • The packaging was obvious.
  • The bomb was more of a grenade instead of a bomb.
  • Based on the picture broadcasted of one of the bombs received by CNN. (Anything smell fishy there?)
  • All seemed to have been mailed at the same time.
  • None of them appear to have been a serious threat.
  • The Left has used this to pound on President Trump as the instigator of all the violent rhetoric that has been spewing since his election. (Who were they worried about not accepting the election results?)

Now let’s look at some evidence of the Left’s recent violent conduct;

  • Recently President Trump as exposed the Left as the originators of the mobs. It is absolutely incontrovertible that the Left, using George Soro’s financing have created paid protestors, paid demonstrators, paid ANTIFA thugs, etc.. Funding the horde moving toward our southern border?????
  • The Leftist Hillary Clinton financed the phony Trump Dossier to discredit him. 
  • Wasserman Shultz manipulated the DNC primaries to make sure Hillary would be the nominee. 
  • The Left’s organizing the violent protest around the Kavanaugh hearings.
  • The Left’s organizing the protest during President Trumps inauguration. 
  • Various Hollywood types who have said, mocked (Griffin’s decapitated head), or outright threatened President Trump.
  • Occupy Wall Street.
  • Attacking conservatives in public.
  • Verbal assaults on conservative people in restaurants, public places and on television.
  • Violent rhetoric by Waters, Holder, Clinton, et. al..

Do I really need to go on?

I am quick to admit that this could be a serious terrorist attack. When it’s all too convenient, timing too suspicious, individuals involved, you can’t help but conclude that this event was too ???????????????

Jerry Broussard

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  1. […] What would he know? He’s ‘just’ the guy that helped catch the Unabomber. This is James Fitzgerald, retired FBI profiler and the forensic linguist who, in ’96 helped catch the Unabomber. He was interviewed about the recent pipe bombs. And he’s not nearly as ready to rush to any judgments as some of the Media hacks out there have been. (See […]


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