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Reported By Amanda Thomason | July 27, 2018 at 8:25am

Nigel Drake got home from work and was carrying some things from his car to his house in Aurora, Colorado on July 18. He must have had his hands full because he didn’t notice that he’d dropped something rather important.

“I was carrying stuff in, I guess I dropped my wallet outside, and I didn’t know about it,” he later recalled.

His wallet. It was lying in the driveway, abandoned, waiting for somebody to notice it.

At some point, three kids were biking by, and the oldest one spotted the lonely wallet. She paused, set down her bike and went over to it.

Maybe she opened it, maybe she didn’t. Maybe she had a brief moment of indecision, but it seems like she did not.

Aside from the usual suspects — credit cards, IDs and the like — the wallet contained $700 cash. Even adults would be tempted by that. But not this girl.

She went up to the front door with a friend and her little brother trailing behind her and rang the doorbell, which triggered a message and recording.

“Hi, we can’t answer the door right now but the camera is recording,” a voice said. “So, please just leave us a message. Thanks for coming by.”

“We found your wallet outside of your car and we just thought we’d give it back to you. So, I don’t know,” she said as she looked around at the porch.

“I’m going to put it over here, so no one takes any money.” She set it down in a discreet spot, and the three raced off, hopping on their bikes and disappearing.

That would have been the end of the interaction, except that Nigel Drake’s dad saw the footage and showed his son. Drake was impressed.

“I watched the video, and it was just these nice three kids that just decided to do the nice thing,” he said. “It was very heartening to feel.”

Wanting to recognize these stand-up kids, Drake’s father posted the video on Facebook with a plea to help him get in touch with the young good Samaritans.

A relative of the kids recognized them and contacted them. The girl who’d returned the wallet, Haylie Wenke, and her little brother, Reagan Wenke, had been located!

“It wasn’t our money, and we didn’t really need it, so we just gave it back,” Haylie said as if the matter were plain as day. “If you see something that someone left or dropped, to always give it back and do the right thing,”

Drake was certainly touched by their honesty, and many people who have seen the clip have been impressed with the actions of the kids — it’s nice to see a video about kids doing something positive these days.

“It gives you faith in humanity a little bit that there are good kids out there,” he reflected. “These kids’ parents are raising them the right way.”

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