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Santa-Fe-HS-aerial“ABBAFATHER, in Jesus mighty Name above all names, I lift up Santa Fe High School in Texas to You. You are the God of all comfort as we’re told in 2 Corinthians 1, and therefore I pray the fullness of you comfort rest upon the families and friends of those that lost their lives this morning in this awful mass shooting. Please embrace them with Your love, compassion and hope and surround them with loving, caring people who will pour out Your love on them for as long as they need.’

“I pray in Jesus mighty Name above all names for Your healing touch on those that were wounded healing and restoring them.’

“I pray for all the students, teachers and community of Santa Fe High School that You in Your incredible Grace, flood them with Your love, peace and comfort. Please guide and direct all law enforcement as they continue to unravel the “whys” of this horrific event. Please divinely protect all la enforcement as they investigate that no one gets hurt from explosive devices.’

“I also pray for the young man that perpetrated this tragedy, and anyone associated with this shooting that You begin to minister to them by Your Spirit in humble repentance for such demonic actions and help us understand the thought processes behind his actions.’

“I pray for our nation sharply divided by the gun control/confiscation group and the rest of us fighting to maintain our Second Amendment rights. I pray Your peace, joy and love prevail enabling us to genuinely listen to each other to listen to Your Spirit explaining how to prevent any more of these tragedies. May Your Grace rest on all our politicians motivating them to NOT use their agendas to weaponize this domestic terrorism.’

We praise and glorify Your Might Name for hearing our prayers and crises of our hearts ABBA FATHER. Please bring healing to our country and peace to our society. Thank You for hearing and answering our prayers, in Jesus mighty Name above all names, that at the Name of Jesus, every name that can be named in heaven, on earth and under the earth, must proclaim that Jesus IS Lord, to Your glory and honor. Amen!”

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