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Reported By Andrew West April 19, 2018

When it comes to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Americans are accustomed to a certain level of secrecy and, dare we say, dodgy behavior.

It seems to be par for the course for our nation’s intelligence community, with the CIA, FBI, and NSA all being referred to as spooks – an ominous nickname that belies their equally ethereal and egregious tactics. The problem is, it seems, that the FBI in particular has fallen into the trappings of government corruption in a huge way as of late.

Take the story of James Comey, for example:  A disgraced former FBI chief who was fired after demonstrating an immoral unwillingness to prosecute Hillary Clinton after finding her culpable for a massive national security breach during her time in the State Department.

What’s worse?  Comey appears to have made this decision before having the full scope of investigation in front of him.

Former FBI Director James Comey began drafting a statement rejecting the idea of criminal charges against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over her private email account about two months or more before Clinton was interviewed in the FBI probe, according to partial transcripts of interviews released Thursday by two Republican senators.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Sen. Lindsey Graham said they obtained the transcripts from the Office of Special Counsel, a government watchdog agency that launched an investigation into whether Comey’s actions violated a federal law against government employees engaging in political activity while on duty. 

Bookending this revelation was the realization that the FBI had also failed to investigate two American terrorists, both of whom were reported to the agency in the weeks before their respective killing sprees.

Now, more shame is coming to the already bruised agency, as former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is set to have his moment in the hot seat…or perhaps even in handcuffs.

The Justice Department’s inspector general has sent a criminal referral for fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe to the US Attorney’s office in Washington, arguing that he should be prosecuted, a new report said Thursday.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired McCabe after the IG’s report said he had not told the truth when he was questioned about leaks to the media involving the bureau’s probe into Hillary ClintonCNN reported. 

This latest revelation begs the question:  Is there a common thread between Comey and McCabe that could have caused this belligerent behavior.  The answer is yes.

This lady. | Hillary Clinton

So, as we begin to get a better glimpse into the sewage drain that is the FBI, just remember, all roads lead back to Crooked Hillary.

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