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In-Depth : Islamists Infiltration of American Universities The frightening influence of the International Institute of Islamic Thought Read
News: What You Wouldn’t Want Your Kids Learning A sample of the curriculum of Palestinian school children Read
News: ISIS Child Murderers Trained to Kill Recent photos out of Afghanistan show ISIS is focusing on the next generation Read
Feature: The Fascist Roots of Jihadism It isn’t just true in a pejorative sense, but in a technical and specific way Read
Readers Write
Florida Teen Murderer Motivated by Radical Islam

“FBI — Slow to act and now someone is DEAD”

– L.T.

Take Our ISIS Quiz

“Clarion Project, what do you think about US-sponsored jihadist groups like Nour Al Din Al Zenki and Jaysh Al Islam? Why are we funding terrorism abroad and then complaining about it here?”

– S.W.

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