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News: ‘Hezbollah Is a Threat to Florida and Entire US’ Congressional hearing gets the facts Read
News Analyisis: Jail-Time for Beating Kid for UnIslamic Haircut School principal joined in the thrashing Read
Opinion: Why You Should ‘Steel Man’ Your Arguments on Islamism Fight the strongest possible version of your opponent’s argument to win. Read
Readers Write
Buffalo Woman Threatens FBI Employees for ISIS

“Anyone linked to ISIS should never see another day as a free person. Prison with no parole.”

– L.C.

Should Trump Welcome the Saudi Crown Prince?

“Baby steps, He’s not forcing his beliefs on me so I don’t care. He’s supported POTUS in the Middle East and he’s supporting Israel. . I don’t want some Radical Islamic coming to my country and telling me that I have to support Sharia Law just because they think it’s palatable, any more than I would expect his country to want my Christian and American Constitution shoved down their throats.”

– K.C.

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