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Mark Dice Liberal Olympics

What is the deal with Lefties that they can’t enjoy the simplest of things, such as the Olympics? Every last thing is political to The Left. Forget about good-hearted patriotism and camaraderie! You notice they (Progressives/Socialists) call us conservatives the haters. But who exactly is it that cusses and pouts and tweets horrible stuff if they even SEE a Republican/Conservative in the proximity?

That’s right. Merely sighting a conservative triggers Lefties, causing disproportionate Tweeting Tantrums for ensue.

Here’s conservative commentator Mark Dice, dissecting the meltdown in South Korea as Lefties spied Ivanka Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Mike Pence: 

Pretty crazy. American Olympic Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy even jumped on the Twitter Tantrum, upset that Ivanka was in attendance for the closing ceremonies. Imagine that. Ivanka and Sarah were there to support our U.S. athletes. They were wearing signs that said, “Build the wall!” or “No Fake News.”

Sanders and Trump smiled and cheered the prowess of the athletes and celebrated the Americans’ achievements!

But the “Celebrate Diversity and Inclusiveness Left” stroked out at the idea that there might actually be a little diversity and inclusiveness in the attendees at the Olympics. Heaven forbid we allow any person with a real, working brain (aka conservative) in the crowd!

Well done Mr. Dice for pointing out this blatant display of The Left and their boorish behavior.


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