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A Moment of Your Time

I am a dad to four wonderful children, and Papa to three awesome grandkids. My children are adults now, and one grandson out of school. I know the fears and concerns every parent experiences sending their children off to school.

Yesterday hit me as hard as anyone. Senseless, tragic, gut-wrenching; how many adjectives and adverbs are there to express any of our feelings, reactions, and responses.

Adding gasoline to the fire of this grief-stricken incident in Florida are the Leftist who immediately politically weaponized the situation with all their moronic call for more gun control. Feigning concern for Floridian citizens, they callously use hate generating verbiage to fan the flames of gun control rhetoric.

Although I wasn’t asked, I still would indulge your time to express a few thoughts on this tragedy;

  • There are three groups of people who want a disarmed citizenry; Criminals, Terrorist and Tyrants. Have you noticed that you never hear of any person entering a known armed location and start shooting? Deranged people are smart enough to target DISARMED locations and targets.

  • Investigate any country that has confiscated citizens firearms and see who still has firearms. Criminals, Terrorist and Government Tyrants. Excluded the last, the first two will always be able to get firearms and munitions through countless black-market sources. All the gun control laws in the world won’t stop criminals and terrorist from obtaining their chosen methods of murder. No guns, trucks work.

So, the answer is not “weapons-of-mass-murder” control. Unless you target the sources of weapons (i.e., black-market) and target hate groups (as Israel has done very successfully), mass murder won’t go away.

The Spirit of Murder is not something that can be legislated. Terrorist (not just radical Islam) are so steeped in hate, and all related emotions, that trying to control them through laws is an exercise in stupidity.

Yes, mental illness is a serious issue. I remind you that it was LIBERALS who got all the mental illness facilities shut down. And now they refuse to own the problem and do something about it.

  • As a Christian with a genuine personal relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ, I know that the only real, lasting answer is a genuine personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. All social ills our world suffers are spiritual in nature. It is the fallen nature we are all birthed with because of Adam’s sin.

Notice I did NOT say that religion is the answer. Christianity the religion is not the answer either. ONLY A GENUINE PERSONAL RELATIOSNSHIP WITH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IS THE PERMANENT ANSWER TO ALL OF EARTH’S SOCIAL ILLS.

  • What would be wrong with every school have fences that restrict entry points into the school and after school starts, lock down those entry points. When someone wants in, they are screened via video identification. This young man would have NOT had access to that school if such a low-cost device was implemented.

That is something any school could start installing right now. They have the money. It’s found in any of these over blotted School Superintendents salaries. In fact, we have all they money in the world to set up the world’s most elaborate security systems in all our schools; GET RID OF OUR OVER-BLOTTED BUERACRACIES STARTING WITH JIMMY CARTER’S DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION and give all that money back to the States where it originated and belongs.

  • Every time we have tragic incidents like this our politicians race to microphones and cameras yelling that we need more legislation. For them, the solution is all problems more government legislation.

We are living the results of such mental illness. More government is NEVER the answer. Think about this; Most Lawson the books are there to legislate God’s Ten Commandments. Man, and his governance are not the origination of laws. God is the originator or laws. Submitting to His laws generates the moral core that eliminates these discussions. Man, never has, and never will, have the legislations that can solve societies ills (sins) better that what ABBA FATHER, God the Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, has proven to do.

I’ve taken up enough of your time. Pray, and think about what I’ve shared with you and let me know your thoughts.


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