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News and Video: American Heroes Play Selves in Paris Train Attack Movie  Three childhood friends prevented a massacre on a train from Amsterdam to Paris  Read and Watch
News: Search Is on for Remains of Americans Beheaded by ‘Jihadi John’  Captured ISIS fighters point to location of graves of beheading victims  Read

News Analysis: Turkey, Iran Threaten to Overwhelm West with Refugees  To these Islamist republics, Muslim refugees are weapons of jihad, not victims of it  Read

Infographic: Look What Al-Qaeda Did Last Month in the Middle East  ISIS may get more press, but AQ is still a force to be reckoned with  Read and Share
Readers Write
US-Led Coalition Airstrikes Kill Over 100 Syrian Soldiers

“Support and aid the Syrian Kurds! They are being attacked by Turkey right now. The Kurds along with other minority peoples in Syria have banded together to fight ISIS and have won. Now the Turks are attacking the same forces that beat ISIS in Syria. The Turks are trying to start up the old Ottoman Empire and all that entails once again …Those who don’t know the history of the region are making a terrible mistake by not supporting the Kurds.”


Who Will Be Plotting Against America After ISIS’ Defeat?

“ISIS will be plotting. Fighters were recruited from 86 countries to fight in Syria and many left unscathed afterwards. The war is still on, but now we cannot see the enemy.”

-The League Against Globalism

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