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News: Gruesome Things ISIS is Doing in Areas It Still Controls  A woman was stoned for adultery and two youths whipped without mercy  Read
News: Texas Man ‘Applies’ to ISIS  Meanwhile, a Minnesota teenager is charged with terrorism  Read more
Feature: Debates on Islamism: Halal Meat  Whether or not to allow Halal meat is a recurring debate on Islamism with both sides holding strong views  Read
Opinion: Beware of Partisans Bearing Gifts  Both left and right wing activists use radical Islam to gain supporters Read
News Analysis: Iran Publishes Study Indicating Waning Support for Hijabs  Is the president making a move against the mullahs?  Read
Readers Write
Brotherhood’s US Rep Is Liaison to Hamas

“Where is Homeland Security, FBI, CIA when you need them? Congress?”


Help Stop FGM Now

“Disgusting, painful, dangerous, mutilation of healthy, NORMAL young female bodies – to ensure that they NEVER know the wonder, beauty and pleasure of normal consensual sex with the man that they love. The brutality of this dreadful punishment of young women is equaled only by the hatred and misogyny – and primitivism of their …ahem….’men’”


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