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Opinion: Why Would a Young Girl Make up an Anti-Muslim Attack?  Clarion explores the reasons behind this hoax  Read More
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News Analysis: Al Jazeera Accidentally Slams Itself  An article criticizing post-colonial states for being dictatorships was ‘slightly’ hypocritical Read
Readers Write
Trump Sends Bad Signal by Waiving Iran Sanctions

“As much as I despise Iran, sanctions accomplish nothing but more hate. We can only hope that he is doing it for the people suffering and is banking on radical Islamic leaders to lose power.”


3 Things You Learned In Elementary School

“When you have one guilty kid and 29 ‘innocent’ kids that watched him do it, sat there laughing and refused to tell on the guilty kid, much less get up and stop him from doing it, then the teacher was RIGHT to punish them ALL collectively. This is coming from the kid who lit a firecracker on his history teacher’s desk when the teacher fell asleep. Getting kicked out of a classroom I hated didn’t bother me in the slightest. Having all the other kids mad at me, ostracizing me and telling on me FORCED ME to stop acting up rather quickly. Therefore the SAME peer pressure that extremists use to recruit more extremists can also be used to drive extremism out. When the other kids stopped saying, ‘I dare you to …’ and started saying, ‘Don’t do it, or we’ll all get in trouble,’ that was incentive to stop.”


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