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News: ‘Would You Like Dinner Before I Kill You?’  Grisly honor killings in a tragedy beyond words  Read
Video: What Trump Needs to Do to Secure Syria, Iraq  The Kurds offer a solution and an alliance  Watch
News Analysis: How Progressives Are Responding to Fuqra Candidate  Fascinating and disturbing responses from the ‘progressive’ camp  Read
News and Petition: German ‘FBI’ Fears Rising Influence of Muslim Brotherhood  The Brotherhood has some 2,700 operations in Germany  Read and Sign
News: British ISIS Fighters in Turkey Threaten Europe  New video warns of New Year attacks  Read
Podcast: Qatar – Coup in the Offing?  Princes are unhappy Qatar backed the bad guys and is now isolated  Listen
Readers Write
10 Al-Qaeda Leaders You Should Know About

“No race, language, nationality, ethnicity, economic, social or educational background links them but just ONE common denominator, i.e., their ideology and sect, the Salafi Jihadism (confirmed by former Salafi Muslim Imam of the Holy Mosque in Makkah, Imam Kalbani) Shame on these terrorists, their ideology, their supporters, sympathizers, apologists, appeasers and obfuscators.”


Sex Robot Convention Relocated After Terror Tip-Off

“The sex robot looks like Barbie. Mattel should sue.”


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