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Video:  ‘Obama Sacrificed America on the Altar of the Iran Deal’  Explosive news that Obama stopped investigations into Hezbollah  Watch Video
News Analysis:  Fuqra Member Announces Run for Congress  Tahirah Amatul-Wadud is a prominent official of Fuqra (Muslims of America) and CAIR Read
News:  Iran Unveils Ballistic Missile Undetectable by Radar  Ballistic missiles can be used to deliver nuclear warheads  Read
News:  New Terror Groups Poised to Take Over From ISIS  A vacuum was created by the forced withdrawal of Kurdish units  Read
News:  Cleric: Men Without Beards Arouse ‘Improper Thoughts’  The Turkish preacher warned that men without beards could arouse straight men Read
Readers Write
Will Big Business Trump Trump in Iran?

“Of course you should sell them to Iran… then when they land at international airports, seize them back for reparations, if the regime is still financing terrorism. Sell them again later. Keep the money.”


Did Life Just Get Better for Saudi Women?

“All these things are what civilized cultures already do, when will they allow churches and synagogues to be built?”


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