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By Warner Todd Huston December 19, 2017

It may already seem like a month ago, yet less than two weeks ago Minnesota’s Democrat Senator Al Franken resigned after nearly a dozen women accused him of incidents of sexual harassment stretching back two decades. But, now the Democrat Party is essentially admitting that Franken’s “resignation” was really nothing but a ploy to destroy Donald Trump and since the ploy failed, they want Franken to reverse his resignation announcement.

Needless to say, Franken, a shrill, name caller who pretends to be a statesman, got caught up in the Harvey Weinstein/Roy Moore whirlwind of sexual harassment allegations. He spent decades as an ersatz comedian groping women in a number of settings because, he thought, he was a funny guy. But by the end of November, after dozens of members of the Hollywood and media establishments got destroyed by allegations of sexual misconduct, Mr. funny-hands Franken was outed as a serial abuser.

At first he insisted that he would never resign because he “apologized” and agreed to cooperate with a Senate Ethics Committee investigation. But it soon seemed as if every second day another woman was coming out to accuse him of sexually harassing them.

Soon, his own Democrat colleagues in the upper chamber began coming out to demand his resignation. By December 6, over 30 Democrat Senators had banded together to demand he quit the Senate. Days later he finally announced he was bowing to the pressure.

But these Senators all had an ulterior motive and his name was Roy Moore.

You’ll also recall that running concurrent with Franken’s headaches was the special election for the Alabama Senate seat that Jeff Sessions abandoned when he became Trump’s (somewhat useless) Attorney General.

The Democrats calculated that Moore would win the election in Alabama — because Alabama is a deep red state — despite that for months Moore had been dogged by allegations that 40 years ago he tried to date women who were minors between the ages of 14 and 19.

(Side note: Moore was not trying to date “children,” either. Don’t fall for that misuse of language. A 14-year-old is legally a minor, NOT a “child,” so Moore was absolutely NOT a “child molester.” Words matter.)

If Moore won these Democrats had already planned a battle to have him expelled from the Senate over the allegations that he is a sex abuser. But they knew that they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if Franken was still sitting right next to them in the Senate. That is why they all banded together to force him to resign. They wanted to use Franken’s resignation as a club to kill Roy Moore’s chances of entering the Senate.

Then, if their Roy Moore gambit was a success, these starry-eyed Democrats dreamed the dreamy dream of using the same tactic to destroy President Donald Trump and either force his resignation, or use it to successfully impeach him.

But, oopsies, Moore lost to Democrat Doug Jones and their whole battle plan went up in smoke.

Now the same Democrats who wanted to force Franken out of the Senate as a cynical poly to kill Roy Moore/Trump are falling all over themselves to say what a ‘mistake” it was to ask the serial woman abuser to quit his seat.

A group of top Democrats have now come out wishing they hadn’t demanded that Franken resign. The list includes Senator Patrick Leahy (D, VT) and Sen. Joe Manchin (D, WV), but Politico says that two other Senate Democrats have privately urged Franken to stay. Manchin was one of the few who shied from calling for Franken’s resignation last week, but the other three had joined the call for the Minnesotan to step down.

As Daily Wire correctly points out, these reversals prove that “there is no moral high ground” with the Democrats. The call for Franken’s resignation was just a scheme to destroy Republicans in the first place, not any real move to pure morality. And now that their battle plan fell apart, they want to retreat from that moral high ground they claimed to have captured.

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