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News: Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Uprising Against US  Join the campaign to declare the Brotherhood a terror group  Read and Help
Opinion:  Should Citizens Have to Fight Terrorists Themselves?  New South Wales police have told the public exactly that Read
Blog:  Questions to Ask Yourself About Radical Islam  Get clarity on what specifically you are opposed to and why Read
Interview:  4 Quick Questions About Radicalization With Author Magnus Norell  Norell is an expert in deradicalization programs  Read
In-Depth:  Will Iran’s Expansionist Scheme Fail?  It’s proxy militias are in trouble while domestic discontent brews  Read
Readers Write
15 Years for Florida Mosque Vandal

“A girl kidnapped and abused a disabled young man, of a different race, for hours and the whole episode was posted on the internet. She got community service.


UK’s Foreign Minister Nails the Problem of Islamist Terrorism

“He seems to overestimate the tolerance amongst everyday Muslims for the myriad “lifestyle choices” expressed every day in the West. And he should NOT, given the uptick of honor killings and acid attacks in his own country. But he does make some good observations. Now if he could just manage to locate a freaking hairbrush….”


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