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News: Vets Sue Drug Companies for Funding Anti-US Islamist Militia  The militia killed hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq  Read
News: Kill Them All: France on French ISIS Fighters  France made a pact with Iraq not to leave any French jihadis alive Read
News: Guilty: Man Who Wanted to Behead Pamela Geller  David Daoud Wright was affiliated with the Islamic State Read
News Analysis: Media Politics an Asset for Islamists  The case of Tump’s former campaign manager drives this point home  Read
Feature: What We Can Learn From Jefferson & the Barbary States  The founding father dealt with countering extremism Read
Video: ISIS Defeat Doesn’t Mean Wars Are Over in Iraq & Syria  An Al Qaeda army has been empowered, among other players  Watch
Readers Write
A Ban on the Hijab Is Consistent With Liberalism

“The state should not have the power to tell people what to wear, but it should have the power to decide what people can’t tell other people to wear? This is the most twisted reasoning I’ve ever heard and could only lead to a tail chasing frenzy of argument over who can tell who what they can or cannot wear, or tell others to wear, or not to wear.”


9/11 Terror Was Just the Beginning

“Where were all these ‘security wise guys’ all these years? Nobody foresaw it?”


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