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Infographic: Look Where ISIS Has Been Discovered the Last Month  From Belgium to Morocco, Russian and Iran  Read
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Opinion: Double Standard for Extremism on UK Campuses?  Why was the Christian Union banned but hate preachers allowed? Read
Readers Write
Texan Parents Lied to FBI About Sons Fighting for ISIS

“Those who hide terrorists should be charged as such …”


A Ban on the Hijab Is Consistent With Liberalism

“I think the point of ‘liberal values’ in this thread is being missed. It is not whether the burka should be banned because it can conceal a terrorist etc. It is whether ‘liberals’ are truly being ‘liberal’ in the defense of the burka. I say it is hypocrisy because to be truly liberal you would admit that these customs that conceal the female are all part of the shame mentality that keeps women as an inferior powerless subclass. When we see liberals fighting for the ‘burka’ as a human right, they are revealing the shallowness of their own so called stand on women’s equality, you can’t have it both ways.”


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