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A Trump supporter wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and an Israeli flag draped over his shoulders found out just how intolerant liberals can be during Saturday’s “free speech” demonstration in Boston that proved progressives don’t believe in “free speech” at all.

The man quickly found himself surrounded by an angry mob of left-wingers, including some members from the violent, alt-left group antifa. One man yelled at him to “Get the f**k out of Boston” while another yanked off his hat. The crowd surrounded him and yelled profanities at him as he made his way down through. When asked why he was there, the man said, “I want to show that people shouldn’t be afraid to voice their other views and voice their opinions.”

“You shouldn’t be afraid to go outside and say you’re conservative,” he said. “And it’s pretty sad that things like this happen.”

It’s hard to argue with him.

But it seems like that is what things are coming to in America.

It is a shame that this man could not peacefully walked through the crowd. Hate-filled liberals, especially antifa thugs, couldn’t wait to attack him. Antifa thrives on violence and hate, and it is sickening how the mainstream media has seemingly worked overtime to normalize them. The Washington Post and liberal network CNN have attempted to “define” antifa but whitewash — or defend — the group’s violence, proving once again how the mainstream media has failed to inform the public. Some in the liberal media have even attempted to compare the group to soldiers fighting Nazi Germans in Normandy. That’s a sick comparison — it’s also shamefully ignorant.

The D-Day invasion was an act of war, under the command of Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, who in turn operated under commander in chief Frankline Delano Roosevelt, the elected president of the United States. FDR in turn had the backing of the United States Congress, which had declared war on Nazi Germany. And Congress answers ultimately to the American people. To say it took place “without a permit” is to insult both history and the United States Constitution.

It also insults the truth about antifa.

Members of the “anti-fascist” group have stabbed a police horse, attacked police officers, and assaulted conservatives with harmful objects like bike locks. The mainstream media tries to play down the group’s viciousness, but in fact, antifa is so violent, it has been declared a a domestic terrorist group by New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security. (And aside from its currently Republican governor, New Jersey is about as Democrat as it gets.)

The public needs to know how members of this group shows up at demonstrations prepared to make trouble, because sadly, the mainstream media is going to ignore that.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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