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News: Returning Jihadis Given ‘Protected Identities’  Why is Sweden giving protected identities to jihadis? Read more
Opinion: Islamist Lobby Resorts to Desperate Smears To Silence Critics  The latest tactics are low even for them.  Read
Opinion: Should Google Manipulate Search Results to Protect Islam’s Image?  Some activists are campaigning for exactly that. Read
News: Fatwa Controversy: Woman Can Beat Drunk Husband  After the fatwa was given on air, the station was shut down by the gov’t for a month.  Read
News: Burned to Death for Refusing to Kill Family  The Caliphate Cubs are children who ISIS trains to be the jihadis of the next generation.  Read
News: Islamists Are Biggest Perpetrators of Antisemitic Violence: New Study  The new study focused on seven European countries as well as Russia. Read
News: North Carolina Man Convicted for ISIS North America Plot  Justin Nojan Sullivan was sentenced to life imprisonment. Read
Readers Write
Clarion’s Raheel Raza at the UN Human Rights Council

“Raheel. I will continue to pray for your safety. You are a brave and good woman for what you are doing. The easiest thing in the world to do is not have an opinion, the second easiest thing is espouse a popular opinion among your peers, and there is genuinely nothing more brutal than having an unpopular opinion among your peers. You are clearly led by principles. Loved your appearance on Tucker Carlson.”


Burned to Death for Refusing to Kill Family

“So sharia law is the extreme form of Islam that ISIS is representing? I’m trying to understand. I feel like the only way to rid the world of this eventually is thru education and understanding. Saying you hate Muslims and Islam only perpetuates the problem.”


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