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Opinion: New York Times Shills for Al Jazeera  By praising the Qatari network’s journalistic standards, the NY Times exposes its own.  Learn More
Video: ISIS Executes American-Trained Militia Fighters in New Clip  The shocking clip shows ISIS mounting heads on spikes.  Watch
News: Islamists Are Biggest Perpetrators of Antisemitic Violence Says New Study  The new study focused on seven European countries as well as Russia.  Read
News Analysis: Questioning Qatar’s Terror Financing? Here Are the FactsStrangely, Sec. of State Tillerson has contradicted the President Trump by criticizing the Arabs’ punishment of Qatar.  Get Informed
News: Why Is Rex Tillerson Undermining the Fight Against Qatar?  The Secretary of State should keep quiet.  Read
Opinion: How Hamas Inflicts Palestinian Suffering to Purchase SympathyThe terror group running Gaza deliberately prioritizes war over its citizens.  Read
News Analysis: Ramadan: 3 Times Bloodier Than Last Year  This year, there were 8 attacks in the West alone.  Read
Readers Write
New York Times Shills for Al Jazeera

“NYT doubling down on their self destruction. Again. How quaint.”


Why Did the US Senate Ignore Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra Nomani?

“Real commentaries on radical jihadi rejected. Somebody does not to win this war against these radicals.”


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