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London Terrorist Tried to Radicalize Children  Children are also targeted in the United States  Learn More

News Analysis

Linda Sarsour Gets Standing Ovation at CUNY  Arguments in favor of Linda Sarsour’s appearance at CUNY grossly misunderstand free speech and academic freedom.  Read


Trump Calls Out Abbas for Indoctrinating Children to Hate  “You tricked me in DC!” Trump shouted to Abbas.  Get Informed


Islamist Media Spins: What to Look Out for  Watch what Islamists and their apologists do whenever they and their ideology come under scrutiny. Learn More


Top Muslim Lawyer: Muslim Orgs Impede Counterterror  Nazir Afzal blasted self-styled community organizations for failing to act on terror. Read


You Voted: ‘Monsters or Losers’?  We asked readers if they agreed with Trump calling terrorists losers vs. monsters. Read the Results

News Analysis

Six Muslim Countries Just Got Sick of Qatar Bankrolling Terror  It’s one of the biggest fallings out between Arab countries in decades.  Read

Readers Write
Top Muslim Lawyer: Muslim Orgs Impede Counterterror

“Thanks for this interesting article point and for speaking out and risking hatred.”

Linda Sarsour Gets Standing Ovation at CUNY

“These students who have been indoctrinated with the poison of multiculturalism and tolerance are leading this country toward cultural suicide …”


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