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Published by on May 12, 2017

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Is he Machiavelli? Or Just Steve Urkel?

We’ve all seen the smoking crater that is Obama’s legacy. Even his crowning achievement — Obamacare — is already circling the toilet.

Iowa just lost it’s last Obamacare carrier:

Tens of thousands of individual health policy consumers in Iowa could be left with no health insurance options if the last carrier for most of the state stops selling such policies, as it suggested Wednesday.

Medica, a Minnesota-based health insurer, released a statement suggesting it was close to following two larger carriers in deciding not to sell such policies in Iowa for 2018, because of instability in the market. –USA Today

If you don’t like USA today, you could read FORBES or CNN saying the same things.

If that was his crowning achievement, and it sucks so badly, his lesser achievements — including his open-border policy — must be that much worse. Considering he promised to Fundamentally Transform America

It’s not like we didn’t understand the risks of his policies.

Here’s a fantastic contrast between Reagan’s speech, and Obama’s policies.

So here’s the big question: was the crap sandwich he served us proof of Obama’s incompetence or malevolence?

Put differently, is Obama Steve Urkel:

Or is he Machiavelli?

Comments on: "Was Obama INCOMPETENT Or Did He INTENTIONALLY Try To Destroy The U.S.?" (2)

  1. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    He is not Machiavelli, he may use him and Alinsky, et al to promote Marxism, sorry, “progress,” to move “forward,” no, I mean dictatorship of the proletariat brutally ruled by a very few global tyrant in a New World gulag.


  2. Parasites are feeding off producers. If producers die off, parasites hope that robots will support them, but they will will not be able to survive.


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