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Let’s Make ‘Never Again’ a Reality Speak out against the genocide of Christians and Yazidis Get informed


Clarion’s Facebook Fans Celebrate ISIS Boar Gore Clarion’s supporters took to Facebook to praise the pigs Read more


Escaped Women Still Having Nightmares About ISIS ‘Biters’ Female ISIS fighters can escape much easier than the men Read


Hijab Rights for All Women? In the debate about hijabs, those who are forced to wear them have no voice. Read

News Analysis

Iran’s 6 Presidential Candidates for May 19 “Election” The Ayatollah’s Supreme Council disqualified almost 1,6000 other candidates, including all the women. Get Informed


Childhood Is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies Springs of Hope Foundation and the kids rescued from Islamic State Take Action

News Analysis

Syrian Christian Militia Condemns Turkey for Bombing Kurds The US must face the reality that Turkey is now in the Islamist camp. Read

Readers Write
Sharia-Advocate Sarsour to Give Graduation Address at CUNY

“If American women are serious about their “marches” for equality, et al, they should be protesting this woman when she gives public speeches.”

– T.S.

Saudi Arabia Appointed to UN Commission on Women

“What a heart warming situation for women’s no rights. Those men are so hungry for power they will demoralize all women to the level of a dog. The UN is a shame on humanity just being in existence.”

– G.M.

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