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Sharia-Advocate Sarsour to Give Graduation Address at CUNY Linda Sarsour was selected by the university, which is funded by tax-payer money. Read

News Analysis

Iranian Opposition Reveals Alleged Secret Nuke Activity The revelations followed the State Dept.’s determination that Iran was in compliance with the nuclear deal. Get Informed


Commemorating the Armenian Genocide 5 Facts About How and Why the Turks Slaughtered 1.5 Armenians Be Informed


Life Insurance for Terrorists’ Families? A law banning life terrorist insurance payouts passed the Minnesota House without the vote of Minnesota’s first Muslim legislator. Read


Who Will Win the French Election? After Sunday’s first round of voting they’ve whittled the field down to two candidates. Find out now


FGM in US: Second Doctor Charged The doctor was charged along with his wife. Read


Christian Mother’s Last Appeal Asia Bibi, framed for blasphemy in Pakistan, appeals once again to the Supreme Court. Sign Petition

Readers Write
Sharia-Advocate Sarsour to Give Graduation Address at CUNY

“Look at the fuss they made about Milo Yiannopoulos , they wouldn’t let a gay guy speak at Berkeley, but this woman can speak at CUNY!!?? God help American kids they will truly be messed up”


Five Americans Who Are Standing Up Against Radical Islam

“wonderful article! I love to learn about the brave people working to promote a sane, intelligent response to problems associated with Islamic religion and associated societies. These folks are today’s heroes.”


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