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Reported By Onan Coca |  April 4, 2017

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Susan Rice Typhoid Mary

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) had some very tough words for former National Security Advisor Susan Rice when he appeared on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Tuesday morning.

Their conversation focused solely on Cotton’s work on the Senate Intelligence Committee and the current storm swirling around Susan Rice, the Obama administration, and President Trump. Many of Hewitt’s early questions set the stage to really understand what is “normal” when it comes to the government’s ability to “unmask” American citizens and why that might happen. Cotton explained that the situation is highly unorthodox and that in his capacity on the Intelligence Committee he’s never seen anything like it. He then outline 3 major issue areas that the Senate is interested in getting to the bottom of:

  1. What role did Russia play in interfering in our electoral process?
  2. Getting to the bottom of the conspiracy theories attempting to connect President Trump to the Russian government.
  3. Potential wrong doing by Obama administration officials in the handling of classified information and unmasking US citizens without proper grounds.

Cotton also pointed out that the only crime that has thus far been uncovered is connected to the 3rd issue, Michael Flynn’s unmasking and the leaking of his name to the media is the only crime that we KNOW FOR SURE has happened.

Cotton then had a very harsh observation to make about Susan Rice herself.

“Susan Rice is the Typhoid Mary of the Obama administration foreign policy. Every time something went wrong, she seemed to turn up in the middle of it, whether it was these allegations of improper unmasking, intentional or improper surveillance, whether it’s Benghazi or the other fiascos over the eight years of the Obama administration.”

The junior Senator from Arkansas also intimated that Rice was likely lying about her involvement in this story, “If Eli Lake’s reporting is correct, it is hard to square what Susan Rice said in that PBS interview.”


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