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Published on March 21, 2017

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The ‘Activist Mommy’ does it again! She says what many Conservatives want to say to Tomi Lahren. And she even brings up the Constitution!

ClashDaily has covered Lahren’s controversial statement on The View here.

As well as Lahren’s subsequent suspension from The Blaze.


That. Was. Amazing.


It’s a matter of what is considered life. And that’s the discussion the Left refuses to have. Because it’s so much easier to justify removing a ‘clump of cells’ that is in the woman’s body than recognizing the innocent life that is dependent on the woman for continuing to exist. That would make abortion the same as murder. Which is the position that the Pro-Lifers take.

It’s funny that it was progressive Dr. Seuss — who filled his books with political messages — that captured the Pro-Life position so simply and beautifully: ‘Even though you can’t see them at all, a person’s a person no matter how small.’

If you don’t get it, go back and read ‘Horton Hears A Who’.

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