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Is Muslim Reform Even Possible? A response to Dr. Zudhi Jasser and Robert Spencer. Read more

News Analysis

Gen. Mattis Withdraws Pro-Brotherhood Pick. But why did he choose her at all? Read


Teen Idol Targeted by Imams A 16-year old singing against ISIS has incurred the wrath of clerics in India. Read


Iran Boasts: We Have Infiltrated U.S. Iran claims to have agents in the U.S. that know America’s military vulnerabilities. Read more


European High Court Rules on Hijabs at Work Does the court’s ruling represent a lack of religious freedom or something else? Send Your Opinion


U.S. Charges Hamas Female Terrorist 16 Years Later Ahlan Tamimi took part in a horrific bombing of a downtown pizzeria in Jerusalem that killed 15, including two Americans. Read

News Analysis

What Does The Dutch Election Result Mean? Wilders’ second place finish shows there is not widespread support for his hardline approach to radical Islam in Holland. Read more


Clarion Project in Nice Clarion’s Editor-in-Chief David Harris at the site of last summer’s attack in Nice. Watch

Readers Write
Is Muslim Reform Even Possible?

“I’d say no, not in the near future. There are reformists, for sure, but not enough of them (and their voices are shut down by our governments and the liberals). And not enough of the other Muslims who will dare to speak up publicly.”

Free Speech 1, Islamophobia 0

“I hope the gentleman is carrying a pistol or has a good bodyguard because I am sure that the losers in the case will convince some idiot to try and kill him.”


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