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waving flagPosted on January 30, 2017

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The ‘vagina hat wearers’ are out in full force and we need ammunition to fight back. Guys, this one is for you all. Use it wisely.

An undercover Veritas reporter attended the march with a pro-life sign and quickly saw what “liberal tolerance” looks like in person.

PV described their video on YouTube: “A Project Veritas journalist went undercover at the Women’s March. She was confronted by angry feminists who did not seem to agree with the signs that our journalist brought.”

The undercover journalist carried a sign that read: “Real feminists are pro-life.”

She was swiftly screamed at, condescended to, disrespected, insulted, etc. She noted that “they want to take a picture of me and then once they see my sign they refuse it.”

Feminists regularly claim that they are fighting for “choice” but clearly that doesn’t include the choice to protect the unborn.

The undercover journalist chanted: “real feminists are against abortion.”

One of the protesters replied, “Donald Trump likes to grab women’s pussy.”


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