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waving flagPublished on January 9, 2017

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Watch how quickly ‘Love Trumps hate’ become ‘Business Trumps Activism’

Remember how quickly the prominent leftist designers rushed forward to show their Liberal Bona Fides? The designer that’s been sewing curtains together and draping them over Michelle Obama wanted nothing to do with Melania. (As though he even had a shot at that gig. We’ve SEEN what Michelle wears.)

There was another virtue-signalling exercise by artists upset that their art was owned and shown by Ivanka. Morons who gladly accepted PAYMENT for their artwork thought their opinion of what was done with it after the accepted their money actually matters. And the other movement trying to pressure Nordstroms and other chains to pull Ivanka’s products. Because Donald Trump won.derangement-syndrom

They’ve come to realize that Trump’s name is going UP in value rather than down. And cutting themselves out of that loop means giving prominence and potential market share to a rival. It’s called Capitalism, snowflakes… look it up.

What do fashion designers think about dressing Melania on Inauguration Day? They’re actually pretty stoked about it.

It is customary of the First Lady to wear an American designer during her time in Washington, and especially during the inaugural weekend, and designers like Zac Posen, B Michael America, and Tommy Hilfiger are all interested.

…Jean Shafiroff, a New York socialite and philanthropist who is friendly with the Trump family, saw them at the New Year’s Eve Mar-a-lago fest, and told the New York Post that interest is growing with American and foreign designers.

She polled the couture council of the museum at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology to see who wants to dress Melania for her first weekend in the White House, and for the next four years.

Shafiroff told the post that Zac Posen, B Michael America, Victor de Souza and Zang Toi are all very interested.DailyMail

Also, B Michael said ‘Any designer who dresses her will get enormous press.’ (And yes, for a business, ‘enormous press’ is kind of a big deal.)

You can add Tommy Hilfiger to the list. And also, Stefano Gabbana (of Dolce and Gabbana) has been very public in his support of Melania.


Comments on: "DEAR LIBTARDS: Your Protest Over Dressing Melania Is BACK FIRING, Big Time!" (1)

  1. I’m so excited to have her as our First Lady. I pity women who dislike. They’re just jealous cause she’s famous and smart. She had money before Trump. That’s something these ordinary women today forget.


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