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waving flagBy: V Saxena on March 30, 2016

On Tuesday, Jupiter, Florida, police issued an arrest warrant against GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, on the basis that he allegedly grabbed former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields by the arm in an inappropriate manner. Later that same day, the Boston Herald revealed that the prosecutor handling the case has direct ties to Trump’s chief rival, Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The paper explained that Palm Beach Count State Attorney Dave Aronberg happens to be a long-time Democrat and former state senator who now works as a campaign operative in Clinton’s “Florida Leadership Council.”

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See a problem with that?

Partyof Deceit Spin and LiesLewandowski was arrested after turning himself in to police on Tuesday. The incident between the campaign manager and Fields occurred after a news conference at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter on March 8.

Fields alleged that Trump’s campaign manager grabbed her arm in such a rough manner that it left a bruise and almost made her fall:


Perhaps he did, but according to an anonymous Secret Service agent who spoke with the U.K. Daily Mail, Fields made physical contact with the GOP front-runner twice that day and was repeatedly warned to stop before Lewandowski intervened.

Moreover, Fields’ claim that she almost fell during the encounter has already been disproved by the following video evidence:


Plus, the man officials in Florida have chosen to go after has a track record for performing his job quite well.

Earlier this month, for instance, Lewandowski’s quick thinking helped stop an anti-Trump protester from attacking a Trump supporter. Yet even then, he faced backlash, as many in the liberal media tried to paint him as some sort of goon.

Add all the facts together and it starts to sound as if the decision to charge Lewandowski might just be a giant legal stunt meant to weaken Trump and make him easier to defeat in the general election, assuming he wins the nomination.

Because frankly, judging by the evidence from the Fields case, as well as what happened with the anti-Trump protester, it seems like the only thing Lewandowski is guilty of is doing his job.

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