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For multiple reasons, I am compelled to write this before you read the following post. It is filled with cursing, hate, and some of the most ridiculous statements you are going to read. For a political party that believes itself to be so tolerant, and hearing their constant rant that conservatives are so hateful, the expressions made below scream just the opposite.

As the old proverb (not from the Bible) goes; “Never argue with delusional people because you are NOT the donkey whisperer.”

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Posted by 11/05/2014

Getty Images, Getty Images, Getty Images/Archive Photos, Getty Image

Getty Images, Getty Images, Getty Images/Archive Photos, Getty Image

What is best in life? Well, experiencing Tuesday night’s meltdown at Democratic Underground is certainly nowhere near the top of the list, but it was halfway entertaining — for a Tuesday night.

Below are the greatest hits from a night filled with intense rage, frustration, more rage, sadness and confusion among users at the interactive leftist website.

Psycho<img class=” wp-image-4371051 alignleft” alt=”Psycho” src=”” width=”111″ height=”85″ />

FLyellowdog: ”This whole election is leaving me with some very scary feelings. And I’m simply sick…physically sick…and emotionally drained.”

tinfoil hat YouTube screenshot Ephemeral Rift<img class=” wp-image-4371052 alignright” alt=”tinfoil hat YouTube screenshot Ephemeral Rift” src=”” width=”98″ height=”103″ />

sammy750: “The GOP is the biggest scandal of the century. Huge voter suppression and fixing the voting machines so they didn’t register right. The GOP is the biggest fraud, AG Holder will be busy undoing all the GOP fraud wins”

anger 4 Getty Images<img class=” wp-image-4371077 alignleft” alt=”anger 4 Getty Images” src=”” width=”120″ height=”119″ />global1: “So The American Voters Have Rewarded The ReThugs For Shutting Down The Government….obstructing everything President Obama wanted to accomplish; sticking with the NRA; refusing to raise the minimum wage; refusing to deal with the immigration issue; piling more debt on students/student loans; voting to repeal ACA over 50 times when the American People finally had some relief on health insurance; and the list goes on and on. What is wrong with the American People. They believe the lies. They like to be lied to. They vote against their better interests.”

Devin Townsend Portrait Shoot<img class=” wp-image-4371080 alignright” alt=”Devin Townsend Portrait Shoot” src=”” width=”99″ height=”150″ />

akbacchus_BC: “This is what I do not understand, how could the Rethugs get elected again? What is wrong with some Americans? Did Democrats not vote? Now the President cannot get anything done unless it is by Executive Order. I really wish the President could tell the rethugs to piss off and sign as much policies by Executive Order and piss them off more and they cannot impeach him, bunch a idiots. This President tried to work with the assholes but man, they did not want to work with him.”

jester Getty Images<img class=” wp-image-4371055 alignleft” alt=”jester Getty Images” src=”” width=”98″ height=”91″ />

hedgehog: “So, MSNBC is predicting the Republicans hold the House – How? Is it all due to gerrymandering?”


angry Getty Images<img class=” wp-image-4371063 alignright” alt=”angry Getty Images” src=”” width=”106″ height=”134″ />Unknown Beatle: “What the fuck is the matter with this nation? Things aren’t getting better, they’re getting worse, and as hard as we try and yell and cuss, no one is doing shit about all the criminality going on with the banks, politicians, and anyone that breaks the law as long as they’re filthy rich. I’m so fucking pissed off right now I can’t see straight. My blood pressure is sky high. I need to take it easy.”

upset person Getty Images<img class=” wp-image-4371064 alignleft” alt=”upset person Getty Images” src=”” width=”143″ height=”146″ />

KingCharlemagne: “I am deeply disappointed in my fellow Americans tonight. The suffering that will ensue was and is mostly entirely preventable. So I am disappointed that we shall have to endure this suffering for at least 2 years now because Americans could not see through the lies sold to them by this pack of charlatans, demagogues and scalawags. Yes, the Democrats largely ran away from President Obama after allowing the Republicans to frame the race as “Obama, Obama, Obama” and that bespeaks a party in trouble. But in the final analysis, voters chose to vote against their self-interest and against the interest of their compatriots for what? To ‘send a message’ to Dems? The reality is that things will not get better in the next two years. They will get worse and possibly much, much worse. And so I am disappointed that my fellow Americans chose a path that will cause suffering for their countrymen when I have to believe most of them did not seek to cause such suffering.”

Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla<img class=” wp-image-4371066 alignright” alt=”Getty Images/Chip Somodevillasrc=”” width=”97″ height=”99″ />

BlueDemKev: “MSNBC has called Colorado for Gardner. WTF, Colorado? Are you that pissed off because Pres. Obama asked Congress for some token gun regulations after 20+ elementary school students were slaughtered just a week before Christmas?”

guy screaming on the phone Creative Commons<img class=” wp-image-4371067 alignleft” alt=”guy screaming on the phone Creative Commons” src=”” width=”184″ height=”122″ />Ampersand Unicode: ”I’m actually scared — as in can’t-sleep-tonight-Halloween-came-five-days-late scared — of the GOP fascists taking over the Kennedy state. I voted for Coakley but am not optimistic because of all the endorsements Baker has gotten and the past history of electing GOP governors (Romney, Weld). I’m also looking to leave because MA just voted to keep the filthy casinos. Also, there is a gun store that just popped up out of nowhere down the street from my house on a main street. I no longer feel safe in my neighborhood or my state. Should I find a way to move to Vermont where Bernie and the sane people live? Or if I can’t afford to leave, should I just do myself in? I honestly am terrified that we’re living in the decline of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Reich.”

barf bag Getty Images<img class=” wp-image-4371068 alignright” alt=”barf bag Getty Images” src=”” width=”92″ height=”112″ />

DebJ: “Tonight doesn’t make me wish I had quit smoking. An early death would be merciful compared to a long slow one with insufficient nutrition and no health care, which is what is coming up. I’m torn, can’t decide in which order to cry and vomit and get sick.”

tree hugger Getty Images<img class=” wp-image-4371069 alignleft” alt=”tree hugger Getty Images” src=”” width=”109″ height=”131″ />

2naSalit: “If anyone thinks we, as a nation, have any chance of saving ourselves from our wanton disregard for the biosphere which supports our existence, this election has proven we don’t really give a rat’s ass about our own sorry asses (or that of anyone else). Unless there is some major infrastructure destroying catastrophe that some of us survive before the biosphere is toast, our species is in for some big trouble. I suspect we are in for a lot more trouble than any of us have bargained for. With our distractions keeping us from looking around and seeing how destructive our way of life has become and that we could have each personally done something to change it… and we have no one but ourselves to blame. So brace yourselves for the gloom and doom of losing your habitat, like most other species have been facing for quite a while now, because we’re next on the menu.”

smug guy Getty Images<img class=” wp-image-4371070 alignright” alt=”smug guy Getty Images” src=”” width=”59″ height=”62″ />

CK_John: “I think the President has to put resignation on the table and not give them the satisfaction of being impeached.”

Getty Images/Mark Spowart<img class=” wp-image-4371072 alignleft” alt=”Getty Images/Mark Spowartsrc=”” width=”113″ height=”126″ />

whereisjustice: “If you’ve been to Asia and witnessed the slums and factory farms filled with impoverished workers, the US has just taken another step in that direction tonight. Sure, we’re not there yet. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to get there. Like global warming, the change isn’t noticeable when all you look at is your backyard thermometer. It’s coming. Sooner or later it is going to catch up with you and your children.”

Lenin square propaganda Getty Images Culture Club<img class=” wp-image-4371073 alignright” alt=”Lenin square propaganda Getty Images Culture Club” src=”” width=”133″ height=”97″ />upaloopa: “So now that we have nothing more to lose how about taking our party on a hard turn to the left. Let’s come up with every progressive idea we can and put together a liberal platform for 2016. Never compromise with the devil”


angry 3 Getty Images<img class=” wp-image-4371076 alignleft” alt=”angry 3 Getty Images” src=”” width=”110″ height=”127″ />brett_jv: “I wish I could chalk it up to ‘All this election PROVES is that >50% the people who showed up to vote in 6 states … are mouth-breathing, brain-washed, Faux-Watching knuckle-draggers’, but the reality is, it goes MUCH deeper than that. Nearly 1/2 the country are this way. This is proof that lies and propaganda … work. This election shows that a great many people in this country … are actually either morons, or they are evil.”

Clement Vallandigham public domain<img class=” wp-image-4371079 alignright” alt=”Clement Vallandigham public domain” src=”” width=”110″ height=”135″ />zelduh: “Can we PLEASE let them secede? I think it is time to acknowledge that uniting the North and the South is a three hundred fifty year-old failed experiment. Next time any political leader in the South mentions that they want to secede, we should jump at the opportunity to untangle the country from the Red states. This country cannot have clean air, water and earth in many states, because Republicans. This country cannot have science in many states, because Republicans. This country cannot have rational, thoughtful, logical gun regulations, because Republicans. Women cannot exercise control over their own bodies in many states, because Republicans.”

(The images attached to these quotations are manifestly and obviously not the same people who wrote the words. The Daily Caller shouldn’t have to tell you that.)

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