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“The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.” – Adolf Hitler
It’s been said that rhetoric is the art of controlling the minds of men. Political rhetoric takes words and places them in just such a way as to make an idea appeal to the largest possible audience. It is vocabulary manipulation, and it is extremely effective.

The Democrats have been using this strategy for as long as I can remember. Here’s the interesting part: rhetoric is directly linked to desperation. The larger, and more aggressive the imagery, the more desperate the Democrat. Case in point: Liberal radio host Stephanie Miller.

According to Breitbart, Miller said this of Republicans, in response to a listener’s comment regarding the battle over the debt ceiling/Obamacare:

“May I correct you? They are not holding your children hostage; they are trying to blow your children up. There is a difference…They are suicide bombers they are no longer hostage takers. They are no longer just regular terrorists they are suicide bombers.”

Honestly speaking, Republicans would never have attempted something like what they are currently doing just several years ago. It is through the influence of real leaders like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and David Vitter that they are finally standing up for the American people. This sudden bravery on the part of Republicans has the Left freaking out. They are running scared. Because many Liberals have never dealt with actual, warm-blooded opposition, they are overreacting in terms of rhetoric.

Liberals are desperate for the American people to believe in them, so they use frightening phrases like “suicide bombers,” “blowing your children up,” and “hostage takers” to rattle us. Imagery like that is often quite effective.

Right now, it may seem like the violent rhetoric is working, and for a time, it just might. But what Republicans need to do is think in the long term. The reason rhetoric works so well against Republicans is because they don’t fight back. There is no consistent opposition to the ridiculous accusations laid out by the Left. But that’s all changing. With new, emboldened leadership, other Republicans are being forced to step up their game. They are fighting fire with fire, and sticking to it.

Guess what? It’s working. The Left is scared out of their minds. It’s a great day. Expect the rhetoric to become even more violent and extreme so long as Republicans actually stick to their game.

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