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If you have been following all the reports of Bin Laden’s demise, the more the Obama Administration talks about the incident to more questions they create. To anyone paying attention, it has become obvious that the Obama Administration is not reporting the incident with honesty. Considering the week they had while waiting for the DNA and other confirmation techniques to confirm it really was Bin Laden, you would think they would also work on a consistent story of what happened.

  1. First he went down firing on the Seals and then got shot.
  2. Next he was reaching for his gun, pushed his wife in front of himself and was shot.
  3. Next he did not have a gun, but tried to knife them and was shot.
  4. Next he had no gun nor knife, wife tried to save him getting her shot in the leg and then he got shot.
  5. There was a 40 minute fire fight (but only three people firing weapons?????????????????).
  6. The picture taken while the entire administration was watching the entire attack unfold shows our President catatonic while Secretary Clinton aghast at what she was seeing. Remember, they had a week to get the story together.
  7. Now we’re told that the chopper the Seal Team destroyed is actually NOT destroyed but in the hands of the Pakistanis being dismantled and we already know they use the Chinese to reverse engineer any thing they get their hands on.

If this had been the Bush administration the Left would be screaming “bloody-murder” and wanting people’s heads. I agree, we do need some heads to roll if this was in fact an execution, not a result of a war-like operation on an enemy target. Please understand, I am NOT questioning what the Seals did (and why the Seals and not Marine Recon or the Army Rangers, both having much more experience in such operations). I am questioning why all the daily, and often hourly change of the story.

Once again we have absolute proof the Left cannot be trusted. They have genuine problems with truth, and to make matters worse, they think the American people are so stupid as to not notice. I’ve noticed. What about you?

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