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Liberal Nit-Twits at the Olympics: Boneheadedness on Display (Video)

Authored by Tami Jackson | on

Mark Dice Liberal Olympics

What is the deal with Lefties that they can’t enjoy the simplest of things, such as the Olympics? Every last thing is political to The Left. Forget about good-hearted patriotism and camaraderie! You notice they (Progressives/Socialists) call us conservatives the haters. But who exactly is it that cusses and pouts and tweets horrible stuff if they even SEE a Republican/Conservative in the proximity?

That’s right. Merely sighting a conservative triggers Lefties, causing disproportionate Tweeting Tantrums for ensue.

Here’s conservative commentator Mark Dice, dissecting the meltdown in South Korea as Lefties spied Ivanka Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Mike Pence: 

Pretty crazy. American Olympic Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy even jumped on the Twitter Tantrum, upset that Ivanka was in attendance for the closing ceremonies. Imagine that. Ivanka and Sarah were there to support our U.S. athletes. They were wearing signs that said, “Build the wall!” or “No Fake News.”

Sanders and Trump smiled and cheered the prowess of the athletes and celebrated the Americans’ achievements!

But the “Celebrate Diversity and Inclusiveness Left” stroked out at the idea that there might actually be a little diversity and inclusiveness in the attendees at the Olympics. Heaven forbid we allow any person with a real, working brain (aka conservative) in the crowd!

Well done Mr. Dice for pointing out this blatant display of The Left and their boorish behavior.


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Watch: This North Korean Cheerleader Video Will Be The Creepiest Thing You Watch This Week

Published by | on February 12, 2018

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Leftists are absolutely fawning over the North Korean ‘cheerleaders’. But what they find entertaining — we find downright terrifying. Check it out…

The Media (D) has been filled with moral grandstanding journalists praising the despotic North Korean regime because they made a half-hearted attempt at diplomacy with South Korea conveniently timed near the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Nevermind that North Korea could be doing this for several reasons:

  • Visible propaganda on the world stage
  • Cashing in on the anti-Trump sentiment
  • The sanctions imposed at the insistence of President Trump are finally hurting them
  • President Trump’s tough language (and his tweets) to Little Rocket Man have terrified and humiliated the continually posturing regime

But do you think they’re going to report on that? Nah.

It’s much more important to focus on the cutesy ‘cheerleaders’ with their synchronized dance moves.

They’re the early breakout hit of the Winter Olympics, a singing, clapping — and perfectly matching — troupe of red-clad North Korean cheerleaders who march to their own kind of drummer.

Watch them in action, and it’s hard to turn away for reasons that are somewhat hard to explain. See them steal the show like they did in the unified Korean hockey game Saturday night and it’s easy to understand why they outnumber North Korean athletes 10-1 at these games.

More than 200 of them sang and smiled all night long, carrying the show long after the game was decided. Then, for good measure, they kept on going for 15 minutes after it was over before finally marching off in two perfectly formed long lines.

Nope, that’s not creepy. Just watch them as they file out:

Ok, so those are Stormtroopers, but it’s probably not far off.

Campy, yes. For many observers from outside North Korea, it’s kind of creepy, too.

The fact remains that behind the smiles they represent a totalitarian state that is trying to produce nuclear weapons as well as it produces synchronized spectacles. Their routines are for the glory of dictator Kim Jong Un or one of his predecessors, even if some of their songs have been modified so to not offend at the Olympics.


Ummm…. I don’t know about you, but that freaky choreographed display makes me think of this scene from Shrek:

Many on Twitter also criticized the troupe as pure propaganda for a dictator, and wondered if they were coerced into performing.

Kim runs a ruthless regime, but the women who make up the cheerleading squad — Kim’s wife is herself a former member — are reportedly mostly the daughters of the elite upper class who are often college students selected for their looks, musical skills and family standing. They sometimes give full musical performances with clarinets and other instruments, and often use props in their choreographed cheers.

“Women with family members missing or living abroad do not qualify, as they could pose potential flight risks,” the Korea Herald reported.

The women cheered for 2 hours with smiles pasted on their faces. Sounds like they were having a blast! (Oh, that’s probably not the best phrase to use in connection with North Korea.)

This journalist did note that it was hard to tell if the cheerleaders were actually having fun.

It was all in good fun, at least on the part of the spectators. Whether the cheerleaders were having any fun was hard to figure out since their smiles seemed frozen on their faces and their expressions never changed.

Source: Yahoo News

In dictatorships like North Korea, the girl with the least authentic smile is shot first — or sent to work in the horrific forced-labor camp. But the Media (D) must have forgotten about that.

CNN Praises North Korea’s Despotic 1st Family – The Internet Takes CNN To Truth City

Published | on February 12, 2018

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Their brother – the one little rocket man murdered with nerve gas — was not available for comment. If Stalin were alive today, our guess is that CNN would pick his side over Trump. They’re not even TRYING to hide it anymore.

Before we go further, we may want to remember just who we are talking about. This isn’t some Mugabe-level tinpot dictator. North Korea is a whole other level.

His country is the world’s largest prison camp, which an Auschwitz survior (and judge on the International Court of Justice) has described as ‘WORSE’ than Nazi Germany.
Read More here

Not only did Kim Jong Un kill his brother with Nerve Gas in an Airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but he killed his Uncle, too. He’s also been known to shoot those who displease him with anti-aircraft guns.

Kim Jong-un had 11 musicians executed with anti-aircraft guns and orders aides to pick out sex slaves from North Korea’s schools, a defector has claimed.
…They were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere.
“And then after that military tanks moved in and they ran over the bits on the ground where the remains lay.”
Source: Independent

THAT is who we are dealing with. And the Media(D) STILL loathe Trump (and in this case, his proxy, Pence) so bitterly that they cannot help but praise his sister… who may have run things briefly while he was ill some years ago.

Here’s what they said about his sister:

If “diplomatic dance” were an event at the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister would be favored to win gold.

With a smile, a handshake and a warm message in South Korea’s presidential guest book, Kim Yo Jong has struck a chord with the public just one day into the PyeongChang Games.

Riiiiight. And ‘maybe Mousellini had a great sense of humor — when you really got to know him’.

Nope. We’re not buying what you’re shoveling.

And neither were ‘the interwebz’.

He wasn’t done calling out the media in their fawning over dictators.

Brit Hume’s reaction was a lot like ours:

And rounding out the Stalin and Moussilini references…


Good thing they’re the ‘most trusted name in news’ or people might start to suspect there’s something a little bit ‘Pravda-ish’ about these guys.

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