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Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence that Russia Tampered with Votes in Election

waving flagAuthored by Charlie Spiering / 13 Dec 2016

“We were frankly more concerned in the run up to the election to the possibilities of vote tampering, which we did not see evidence of,” he said. “And we’re confident that we can guard against.”

During an interview with the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, Obama downplayed the hack of a private email account of Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, defending his administration for revealing in October that the Russian government was connected.

“None of this should be a big surprise,” Obama said, “Russia trying to influence our elections dates back to the Soviet Union.” 

Obama dismissed the hack and the leaked emails as “not very interesting” and lacking “explosive” revelations. He puzzled as to why it was an “obsession” by the news media despite the knowledge that the Russians were responsible.

He also criticized President-elect Donald Trump for calling on the Russian government to hack Hillary’s emails to reveal the contents of the deleted emails from her private server, and reminded the audience that Trump had campaign officials connected to Russia.

“What’s happened to our political system where some emails that were hacked and released ended up being the overwhelming story, and the constant source of coverage – breathless coverage – that was depicted as somehow damning in all sorts of ways when the truth of the matter was it was fairly routine stuff?” he said.


FBI Finds No Links Between Donald Trump and Russia

Authored by Warner Todd Huston, 31 Oct 2016

After a months-long, deep investigation into suspected foreign meddling in the U.S. election, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has determined that Donald Trump has no ties to the Russian government.

Federal officials conducted a wide investigation throughout the summer looking for financial connections between Trump and his operatives and the Russian government in connection with the hacking of Democrat party computers but found nothing, according to The New York Times.

Upon the conclusion of the investigation, the FBI decided that, contrary to claims by Democrats, the hacking may have been aimed at disrupting the election but was not intended to ensure the election of Donald Trump.

The allegations of Trump’s computer ties to the Russian bank were made in an article posted to the liberal website.

But news that the FBI is now discounting any such ties coming on the heels of FBI Director Comey’s decision to open another investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal represents a double blow to the Democrats.

As part of the revelations, it was reported that earlier this year the FBI began investigating a possible connection between Trump and Alfa Bank, the largest private commercial bank in Russia. The Bureau was alerted to a series of electronic connections between a server owned by the Trump organization and two servers registered to Alfa Bank. The links were at first thought “questionable,” but after its long investigation the FBI determined, “there could be an innocuous explanation, like a marketing email or spam, for the computer contacts,” the Times reported.

The Trump campaign reiterated that the investigation had proven what they already knew.

Trump campaign press secretary Hope Hicks noted, “First of all, it’s not a secret server. The email server, set up for marketing purposes and operated by a third-party, has not been used since 2010.” Hicks added that the traffic on that server is not used for the sort of email communications that could be employed for any sort of collusion.

Alfa Bank also released a statement denying any ties to Trump.

“Neither Alfa Bank nor its principals, including Mikhail Fridman and Petr Aven, have or have had any contact with Mr. Trump or his organizations,” the statement read. “Fridman and Aven have never met Mr. Trump nor have they or Alfa Bank had any business dealings with him. Neither Alfa nor its officers have sent Mr. Trump or his organizations any emails, information or money. Alfa Bank does not have and has never had any special or exclusive internet connection with Mr. Trump or his entities.” 

Now it appears that the FBI has confirmed these statements.

Report: Texas Voters Say Voting Machines Picked Clinton/Kaine with Straight Republican Ballot

waving flagAuthored by Breitbart News, 25 Oct 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Several voters in Texas have said on social media that when they voted early, their voting machine registered a “Straight Republican” selection but marked Hillary Clinton as their choice for president. From KISSFM96.9:Partyof Deceit Spin and Lies

Early voting for the 2016 election started today (Monday, October 24th). The people of Potter and Randall County are taking this opportunity to skip the long lines that always file out of the voting locations on Election Day.

It’s common to see pictures of the “I Voted!” stickers on social media. It’s not as common to see the stories I’ve been seeing today.

Two voters from Canyon posted the experience they had while voting. Apparently, when these voters chose the straight Republican option, the ballot selected Clinton/Kaine instead of Trump/Pence.

Read the rest of the story here.klinton-kane-korruption-clinton-book-corrupt-together-427x600-copy

CNN Poll: Pence Wins VP Debate, 29 Percent Move Toward Voting for Trump

waving flagby Michelle Moons, 5 Oct 2016

URL of the original posting site:

The CNN/ORG instant poll of vice presidential primarily Democrat debate watchers, shows Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana topped Democratic candidate Sen. Tim Kaine (VA). Some 29 percent said they moved toward voting for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after the exchange.

Despite the Democrat-heavy audience displayed in the new poll, 48 percent said Pence won the debate over Kaine. Only 42 percent of those debate watchers said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s running mate won.

Two-fifths of those registered voters surveyed said they were Democrats, 30 percent Republican and 29 percent unaffiliated or part of another party.

Almost 30 percent of respondents said they were more likely to vote for Trump after watching the debate, while just 18 percent said they moved toward Clinton. An original image broadcast by CNN of the numbers of debate watchers that moved toward voting for Clinton or Trump after watching the vice presidential candidates were reversed, showing more moving toward Clinton; however, a CNN reporter corrected the numbers after they had been posted to the screen and revealed that the true result. More than half of debate watchers surveyed said “neither” when asked who the debate made them likely to vote for.

Kaine was aggressive in the exchange, and it may have cost him. He jumped from 28 percent “unfavorable” before the debate to 40 percent after. While 16 percent of those asked weren’t sure if they saw Kaine as favorable or unfavorable before the debate, only 4 percent were unsure after.

Some 43 percent of respondents said Kaine did worse than expected compared to 38 percent that he did better and 15 that said he did the same as expected. 

Pence was seen as doing better than expected by two-thirds of those polled while only 14 percent said worse and 15 percent said he performed the same as expected. 

It wasn’t clear just by what margin the poll leaned Democrat, but 58 percent said they thought Kaine better defended Clinton while 35 percent said Pence defended Trump better. 48 percent said that Kaine had a better understanding of issues while 41 percent said Pence was the candidate that better understands issues.

Kaine was seen by 76 percent as more on the attack of Pence while just 14 percent said Pence attacked Kaine more.

Even greater numbers of respondents found Pence likable than said he won the debate. 53 percent said Pence was more likable while only 37 percent said Kaine was.

Pence’s favorability jumped seven points after the debate. 57 percent of survey respondents said thay had a favorable opinion after the debate compared to 50 percent favorable before. His unfavorable rating also increased a small amount, from 36 percent to 40. Those unsure dropped from 15 percent before the debate to 3 percent after.

Pence was seen as more broadly qualified to take over as president if needed according to CNN. 77 percent said Pence was qualified compared to 70 percent that said Kaine was.

The poll had a sampling error of +/- 4.5 percent according to CNN broadcast reporting on the poll. 

CNN reported its polling methodology:

The CNN/ORC post-debate poll includes interviews with 472 registered voters who watched the October 4 vice presidential debate. Results among debate-watchers have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points. Respondents were originally interviewed as part of a September 28-October 2 telephone survey of a random sample of Americans, and indicated they planned to watch the debate and would be willing to be re-interviewed when it was over.

Follow Michelle Moons on Twitter @MichelleDiana 

Trump: ‘Now, the Cars are Made in Mexico and You Can’t Drink the Water in Flint’

waving flagby Alex Swoyer, 14 Sep 2016Washington, DC

URL of the original posting site:

During Donald Trump’s visit to Flint, Michigan on Wednesday, the Republican nominee commented on how the automobile manufacturing industry has moved to Mexico — impacting trade — and how people in Flint can’t drink the water, much like the water in Mexico.

“It used to be cars were made in Flint, and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico,” Trump stated. “Now, the cars are made in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint.”

“That’s not good,” he added, as people chuckled in response.


Trump visited Flint — a city that has had water trouble since the Spring of 2014 — after the Flint River wasn’t treated with the proper chemicals, which caused lead to get into the drinking water, according to Detroit News.

Trump Surges to 3-Point Lead over Clinton in L.A. Times Tracking Poll

waving flagby Joel B. Pollak, 13 Sep 2016

The result is still within the poll’s margin of error. The “Daybreak” poll methodology is described as follows:

The USC Dornsife/L.A. Times Presidential Election “Daybreak” Poll asks more than 400 people each day about their voting intentions. The poll is part of the Understanding America Study (UAS) at the University of Southern California’s Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research.

Each day’s poll respondents are a subset of the UAS election panel, roughly 3000 U.S. citizens who were randomly recruited from among all households in the United States. Respondents are asked three predictive questions: What is the percent chance that (1) you will vote in the presidential election? (2) you will vote for Clinton, Trump, or someone else? and (3) Clinton, Trump or someone else will win?

Tuesday’s poll had 2,665 respondents.

Trump’s largest lead in the poll has been 7.3 points, recorded on July 28 during the height of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. From there, Trump fell steadily for over two weeks, hitting a low of 41.6% as Clinton hit a high of 46.3% on Aug. 14. The poll results narrowed after that, but the results for the past two days show an unusually large shift in Trump’s direction.

The improvement in Trump’s numbers follows a weekend in which Clinton referred to half of Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” and appeared to collapse at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, raising serious concerns about her health.


Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News. His new book, See No Evil: 19 Hard Truths the Left Can’t Handle, is available from Regnery through Amazon. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.

Photos: Embarrassing Turnout For Hillary Clinton Keynote Speech At Baptist Convention

waving flagby Charlie Spiering, 9 Sep 2016

URL of the original posting site:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton delivered a keynote speech at the National Baptist Convention Thursday night, but photos show that many people failed to show up.

Prior to the speech, workers moved in wall partitions in the giant venue, according to tweets from several reporters who were there.tw01 tw02

Even during the speech, however, many of the chairs at the venue were not filled.

tw03According to local 41 Action News reporter Brian Abel, roughly 3,000 attended the speech although there were 5,000 seats set up in the venue.

Abel also published photos of the venue prior to Clinton’s speech.tw04

Clinton repeatedly cited scripture during her speech, praising Baptist pastors around the country and promised increased government spending to assist their congregations.

(H/T American Mirror)

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