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Divide and Conquer

Given the news of the day regarding all that is going on in North Africa and the Middle East, a question keeps nagging me. Could it be that some smart Muslim, somewhere in the Middle East has come up with a strategy based on, “Divide and Conquer”?

Imagine someone saying, “If we get all these riots going on all over the nations that have Islam dictators who are oppressing their people, and get them to start demanding freedom; would America come to the rescue of those people when the Islamic governments starts killing and punishing the rioters?’

America is hurting financially now, and they have a leader with no leadership experience, and who is on the record disliking the military. It appears that their woman (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others) are making the decisions for him. If we start enough of these and America responds with their military in each State, with NATO and the U.N., could we get them so stretched, so thin, that we could launch an attack on America and they would not be able to defend herself?”

Just asking questions. Could it be?

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