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By Fran Beyer    |   Tuesday, 16 May 2023 02:22 PM EDT


The FBI should pony up for all the legal fees of people investigated during an inquiry into potential contacts between former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia, Pam Bondi, former Florida attorney general, said Tuesday on Newsmax.

In an interview on “John Bachman Now,” Bondi, who also was on the legal team defending the former president during his first impeachment, said the report completed Monday by special counsel John Durham “gives new meaning to weaponization of the federal government.”

“First of all, civilly, they all need to be held accountable for all of the legal fees that these people had to pay as a result of this fake witch hunt,” she asserted.

“Anyone at the FBI who was involved in this, they are in trouble now,” she said.

“If any of these people, any of these agents in the top down … if they made any criminal cases during that time, any legitimate cases whether or not the people have been convicted or not, [U.S. Attorney General] Merrick Garland has an obligation to let the defense attorneys know in those cases.

“These are damaged agents, according to John Durham … they have an obligation and they should be right now scouring through any cases that those agents have ever touched.”

Bondi also praised the GOP-majority House for taking on the matter, asserting Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who heads the Judiciary Committee, “is going after this.”

“They’re not going to let it go. They are fighting it,” she said. “What would have happened if we didn’t have Congress at least right now to hold these people accountable? There have got to be criminal investigations.”

She also railed at “the weaponization of district attorneys” investigating Trump, including New York and Georgia.

“Look what they’re doing,” she said. “It’s no coincidence that all this is being piled on at one time. All these cases around the country against him. … it should scare every single American now what’s happening with the FBI.”


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