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Daniel Horowitz | January 3, 2023


Medical freedom needs to become the new pro-life movement on the right. It quite literally affects even more human beings than abortion.

This week, all eyes in the political world will turn to Washington as the excitement builds over the transition of power in the House of Representatives. But what good is a narrow RINO majority in just one branch of the federal government when Republicans ceded the budget leverage they otherwise would have commanded this month? Why not focus on half the state governments where Republicans enjoy trifecta control, in most of them with supermajorities in the legislatures? Indeed, this year kicks off the most important legislative sessions of our lifetime. The intensity of grassroots pressure placed on these equivocating Republicans will determine whether red-state America is just a pro-gun, anti-abortion version of blue-state hell or whether we can fully reconstitute the America we once loved in portions of the country.

There’s no reason to focus on the presidential election and what might happen two years from now. We can’t wait two years for change, nor are we likely to actualize it on the federal level. The American Revolution was catalyzed by state legislatures organizing together. The reconstitution of that revolution will also have to unfold in the bodies of government closest to the people, at least in the states where a majority of the people haven’t already succumbed to the spirit of the age.

Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be posting legislative goals for various issues, but for today, we will focus on the most important issue of our time: medical freedom. It is the ultimate pro-life issue of our time. There is no evidence that the genocide that has occurred over the past few years from COVID and COVID fascism is even being addressed at the federal level. Therefore, it is up to the red states to reconstitute the Nuremberg Code and learn the lessons from the travesty of Covidstan.

Here are the legislative ideas and objectives that must be pursued in red states this session. If not now, while the malfeasance of the government is fresh on the minds of the people, then it will never be accomplished. This is a checklist of ideas that activists should use to determine whether there is legislation in your respective states addressing the issue of our time – to ensure there are legal, structural, and political barriers in place so that what occurred the past few years is immediately halted and cannot happen again.

Permanently ban all COVID biomedical security mandates: 

Now is precisely the time not only to reverse the COVID policies, but to plow over the ground of tyranny and salt it with provisions permanently banning and even criminalizing its implementation. This means banning all public and “private” mask and vaccine mandates in any setting under any circumstance. This is no longer 2020 when we were merely playing defense. Now we have reams of data and studies showing these policies are not only ineffective but downright harmful.

Until now, some states agreed to a health care exemption from the prohibition on mandates, but that is precisely the setting where cancer patients, pain patients, and Alzheimer’s patients who are forced to use medical services regularly are still being coerced to cover their faces. This is unacceptable. Disability law mandates affirmative accommodations for people with health issues, yet somehow we are to believe hospitals can force patients to wear something hazardous? The bill must be backed by a stiff fine for any violator, and in the case of anyone caught forcing schoolchildren to wear a mask, there must be prison time.

Make health status a protected class under anti-discrimination law: 

One way of accomplishing the aforementioned goal is to codify health status into state anti-discrimination law, making it unlawful to discriminate in any way on account of opting against a particular medical intervention to one’s body. It might also be worthwhile codifying such rights into the state’s constitution along the lines of the following: “The right of a person to refuse any medical procedure, treatment, injection, device, vaccine, or prophylactic shall not be questioned or interfered with in any manner. Equality of rights under the law or in the realm of public accommodation shall not be denied or abridged to any person in this State because of the exercise of the right under this section.”

Preserving doctor-patient autonomy:

  • No doctor shall be penalized with loss of licensure or board certification on account of speaking out against vaccines and mask-wearing.
  • No doctor can be punished for using off-label FDA-approved drugs, and all pharmacists must fill such prescriptions absent a religious conscience concern. There should be a cause of action in court for patients to sue pharmacies that block valid prescriptions.
  • Also, any barriers to doctors themselves dispensing drugs they prescribe should be lifted. Some states allow doctors to dispense drugs in the office, but this power is generally limited and must be expanded.
  • Finally, the complaint process against doctors with the state’s medical board must be overhauled. Complaints can only be accepted from patients alleging injury, surviving family of injured patients who die, or from medical professionals with direct contact who allege patient harm. All complaints in absence of patient harm must be ignored.

Abolish the state’s immunization register: 

No good will come of the state holding onto a person’s vaccination status, and it will only be used to enforce the biomedical security state and should therefore be abolished. At a minimum, anyone administering a vaccine must obtain written consent from the patient prior to reporting the administration of a vaccine or immunization to the statewide immunization registry.

An immediate termination of mRNA vaccine promotion: 

We are long past the time when the shots should merely not be mandated. The jabs must be taken off the market. State legislatures must bar their respective departments of health from promoting or purchasing any mRNA vaccines, ban all marketing or advertising of the COVID shots, create a commission to study the effects of the COVID shots by researching all those who died within 30 days of vaccination, and force the departments of health to fund treatment and diagnostics for those injured by the shots. Also, depending on state law, legislatures should follow Florida’s lead and work to convene grand juries to investigate the willful misconduct of hospitals, the departments of health, and the pharma companies throughout the pandemic.

Suspend the childhood immunization schedule: 

All state indulgence and recognition of the CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule must be suspended pending the outcome of a commission to study the need, safety, and efficacy of every vaccine category and prototype on the market. Health departments could still support the other shots pending the commission’s recommendations, but all health care and school settings would be prohibited from discriminating against those who opt out of those shots.

Patient Bill of Rights for those in hospitals and senior care facilities: 

Some states have pursued a few of these ideas, but there must be strong criminal and civil penalties for violators. Every hospital or senior care facility must always:

  • allow one surrogate present in the hospital (or as a visitor in a nursing home);
  • permit patients to access FDA-approved drugs off label prescribed by a doctor at their own expense if they agree to assume liability;
  • accord every patient the right to refuse any hospital-prescribed treatment or the right to refuse to remain in the facility if they have the mental capacity to leave (a ban on medical kidnapping).

There must be a cause of action created to sue any hospital and possibly for the district attorney to bring criminal charges against hospitals that deny these rights. All hospitals violating the patient bill of rights should be on the hook to lose state tax-exempt status.

A complete ban on remdesivir: 

There is no sane doctor alive who can look you in the eye and declare remdesivir to be a safe and effective drug. Yet to this day, it remains the standard of care for inpatient COVID care. States must ban its use as they would any toxic and potentially lethal drug with zero benefit.

Ban on medical kidnapping via child protective services: 

There is a growing trend of hospitals or doctors working with the state’s child protective custody agency to steal children from parents who refuse to go along with their course of treatment or bio-medical goals. States must ban all investigations and agency decisions to suspend parental rights on account of a parent’s refusal of specific medical treatments, diagnostics, or devices unless there is proof that the parent acted with malicious intent. Idaho House Bill 821 is a good model. This includes refusal to engage in masking or vaccination of a child. Also, such actions, opinions, or beliefs shall not be used as a factor in family court in determining custody arrangements.

Hold pharma accountable: 

Although the federal government protects vaccine companies from liability, and this issue must be redressed at the federal level, states can still broaden their consumer protection and anti-fraud statutes to target pharma for blatant fraud. There is a wealth of material showing that the manufacturers knew the vaccines didn’t work and injured people, yet falsely marketed them. Also, state health departments, which assiduously pushed the vaccines in red states just as much as blue states, must use their remaining COVID funds to fund diagnostics, detection, and treatment of vaccine injury.

State legislatures should also form commissions to study the scope of injury through studies, death certificate and medical billing data, and investigating all deaths in the state within 30 days of taking the shots. Finally, they must create a state-based vaccine adverse events reporting system that is user-friendly and must use state resources to require and encourage medical professionals to report injuries to that system.

Ban endorsement of experimental shots: 

States must bar their respective health departments from endorsing or marketing any shot to the broad public that has not undergone a human clinical trial with a sustained and maintained placebo control group. That clinical trial must have some third party supporting its safety data, which is independent from the manufacturer. Any trial based on “immonobridging” – measuring antibody titers and comparing them to various study groups – does not qualify.

Criminalize gain-of-function research: 

There’s no need to wait for the feds to act. States should ban research institutions from engaging in gain-of-function research with a statute backed by criminal penalties. Individuals potentially harmed by such research should be granted a cause of action to sue those institutions.

Tax-credits for direct primary care: 

Some states are already doing this, but there is a need to even the tax playing field between “cartel” health care and direct primary care. The core problem we experienced during the pandemic was a lack of individual thinking among practitioners, much of which is connected to the fact that they are all controlled by systems, insurance companies, and networks. With so much tendentious governmental treatment for the current cartel, states need to find ways to even up the score to incentivize people to use more free market and free-thinking doctors. Offering direct primary care the same tax benefits – both on the employer side and individual side of the ledger – we offer to the insurance companies is a good start. How many of these ideas have already been adopted by your governor? How many are represented by a piece of legislation pending in your legislative body? Now is the time to get to work. If not us, who? And if not now, when?


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