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Daniel Horowitz | December 28, 2022


What’s the modus operandi of our dystopian government? Creating a needless deadly crisis, blocking the effective way for dealing with it thereafter, and foisting upon the world instead a dangerous and ineffective way of dealing with it. That might sound a lot like COVID, but it’s largely what officials have been planning for a long time with energy, and now that the population is primed for lockdowns, disruptions, and total authoritarian control as a result of COVID, that is what they plan to do with our energy grid. All for a lie.

This was the coldest Christmas in a half-century in much of the U.S., with many localities setting records, including those not accustomed to the cold like Tallahassee, Florida. Many of us are disgusted at those limiting our natural energy in favor of novel, ineffective energy, thereby causing a doubling or even tripling of home heating bills. But we must also realize that if they had their way, we’d have no heating in our homes at all.

Just like the supposed source of COVID and how to deal with it were lies, our energy crisis is wholly contrived and built upon the lie of global warming. Typically, you would have to make sure we are 100% correct about the “science” behind such irrevocable economic and societal changes before committing civilization suicide by destroying the only reliable sources of energy we have. But in a post-“Great Reset” world, this is par for the course. In fact, the science behind global warming is just as flimsy as the science behind lockdowns, masks, and mRNA shots.

During the Copenhagen climate summit in 2009, chief climate priest Al Gore asserted, “Some of the models suggest … that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.” Predictions like this upended our lives with more expensive and more decrepit vital products and services being produced for a generation under the false pretense of taming a crisis that never existed. It turns out that since 2012, the mass of Arctic sea ice is up 31% and Greenland is gaining, not losing, ice. Meanwhile, Antarctica, which was always gaining ice during the period when the Arctic was losing ice, subsequently lost ice last decade and is now regaining it. In other words, the science behind polar ice caps seems to be rooted in the same cherry-picked timing and data as the faux science behind global warming causing either fewer or more hurricanes.

Yet somehow, we are to believe the science is all figured out on how to tamper with global temperatures, just like it was with COVID. Rather than people being more primed to believe in government control after COVID, any thinking person should be even more suspect of official climate lies and the accompanying life-altering policy changes governments want to induce based on them. And boy, would these policy changes be life-altering.

When officials speak of “net zero” for carbon emissions, it means, many times of the year, you would have net zero energy for heating. Picture those nights this past week of below-zero temperatures for much of the nation. Would you want to rely on “renewable energy,” even after billions upon billions in subsidies failed to move the needle on its effectiveness?

Temperatures dropped to near zero in Amarillo, Texas, over the Christmas weekend, with wind chills well below zero. Even south Texas faced several nights of once-in-a-generation record cold. Yet even with all that wind blowing, when Texans needed energy most, it was natural gas that held the grid for Texans, while wind and solar collapsed, according to the grid tracking info from the Energy Information Administration.

God might have been sending those wind gusts of 50 mph, but Santa most certainly was not delivering wind energy through the chimney to Texans on Christmas. Now imagine how much better Texas would be doing if the state had invested a fraction of the $66 billion it used for wind and solar in energy sources that actually energize the world rather than in sources that need help from other energy to produce a fraction of the output at a higher cost? Imagine how much cheaper heating prices would be without the global warming mandates and green energy diversions.

If Republican states don’t start looking at how to expand natural God-given fuels and end the green energy scam, the next cold wave could be worse, and we will face energy rationing like the Europeans. For example, depending on the type of job, German regulators now set the thermostats in Germany’s workplaces anywhere between 54 and 66 Fahrenheit. France is preparing for rolling blackouts to close hospitals and schools in a shutdown scenario that could rival the COVID lockdowns used in 2020 to strategically acclimate the public to the new climate of scarcity, pain, and control. Keep in mind, Europe is facing this magnitude of an energy crisis after it has already spent over $1 trillion on “renewable” energy since 2004.

As much as Republicans appear united on energy policy, if you watch carefully, they drop buzz words like a “smarter transition” to “clean” energy and a “better” way of dealing with global warming. Half the Senate Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, just voted to expand an international treaty banning the key coolants in air conditioners, thereby agreeing to the false premise of global warming. Most GOP governors continue to promote tendentious treatment for wind, solar, electric cars, and biofuels that are enabling the dangerous globalist quest to phase out viable energy.

Republicans must end this mealy-mouthed agenda of pursuing a “smarter transition” to green energy, all built upon acceptance of the false premise of global warming. States must audit every regulation that accepts the premise of global warming and harms consumers and work to eliminate it from state policy – be it a law, mandate, subsidy, or regulation.

As we are seeing in Europe, there is no middle ground on this road to the hell of scarcity, which will lead to complete government control every aspect of our lives. In a post-COVID/Great Reset world, there is no longer an excuse to feign ignorance about the “science.” Anyone with working cells in their brain should realize the dark end to that path. The road to a transhumanist hell is paved with “the scienceTM”.

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