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A.F. BRANCO | on October 16, 2022 |

A.F. Branco and his wife April had a fantastic time with great friends and great music at the Mount Richmore MAGA party in Nashville. Thank you John Rich for hosting this amazing get-together… Here are the pics

Nick Searcy, Devin Nunes, A.F. Branco, John Rich, Joe Dan Gorman

Tony and his wife April with Devin Nunes

Nick Searcy, Devin Nunes, A.F. Branco, John Rich, Joe Dan Gorman

Devin Nunes and Tony

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Tony and John Rich

Tony with Joe Dan Gorman

Joe Dan Gorman, Kash Batel, and Tony

John Rich and April Branco

A.F. Branco and Kash Patel

 Joe Dan Gorman and Tracy Beanz

Tony and Larry Gatlin

Actor Nick Searcy with Joe Dan Gorman ( and Tony’s Thum.

Nick Searcy and Joe Dan Gorman taking it up

Tony  and Charlie Hurt (Fox News)

A.F. Branco and Sarh Carter (Fox News)

Tony and Jan Jekielek (Epoch Times)

Tony, Rodney Good, Jimmy Murphy, Patty Murphy, and Country Music Star Jami O’Neal

Tony and Nick Searcy

Benny Johnson (NewsMax) and Cartoonist A.F. Branco

Joe Dan Gorman, Comedian Jim Breuer, and Tony

Cartoonist Tony Branco and Actor Nick Searcy

Jake Little, Jack Stout, Tony, And Joe Dan Gorman (… Thank you, Jack and Jake, for helping to pull off an amazing party.

Tony, April, and Joe Dan Gorman… Joe Dan, April, and I want to thank you so much for the hospitality at your home. You made us feel so welcome. Check out his website –


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