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Reported by SARAH TAYLOR | April 20, 2022


Broadcasters Bill Maher and Piers Morgan shredded what they described as “victim culture” and said that the necessity for trigger warnings ahead of films, videos, and more is nothing short of “pathetic.”

During Monday’s “Club Random with Bill Maher,” Maher spoke with Morgan and discussed what the two believe is the condition of today’s society. Approximately 30 minutes into the discussion, the legendary film “Gone with the Wind” came up during the conversation, prompting Maher to say, “By the way, that movie — entertaining as f***. And the people who need a disclaimer, this is the problem. You f***ing babies. It’s 1939. Can’t you just see by the film stock that things were very different?”

He continued, “Humans are like history in general, we evolve. Just celebrate we’re not racist any more and just be a grown-up.”

Morgan interjected, adding that constant disclaimers — including on comedy projects — are preposterous and noted that it’s apparent when jokes are clearly nothing more than jokes and “not intended to be remotely offensive to anybody.”

“And even that now needs a warning at the front in case anybody’s offended,” he continued. “What do they think is going to happen when you watch it? What happens to people? I mean do they sit there shaking?”

Maher added, “The fact this generation needs a trigger warning and a Klonopin to get through an episode of ‘Friends’ [is] pathetic.”

Morgan continued, noting that he believes the world places a “premium” on those who consider themselves victims.

“It is celebrated to be weak,” he reasoned.

Maher later added, “Well, it’s the end of the empire.”

Elsewhere during the discussion, Morgan said that gender identity is “all bulls**t.”

“I just find myself constantly feeling, what is going on with the world?” he said. “Like, I just saw in the U.K. today there was a thing about the fire service or something, they’re being ordered now to use him/her/them/their pronouns. Whatever. I said, ‘OK, well fine, let’s take this to the logical extension because pronouns are whatever you want to be, right? So, if I decide I want to identify myself as a d***head, which many people watching this might think is entirely —”

Maher interrupted, suggesting, “You know why they’re gonna think you’re a d***head? Because of the way you said those pronouns, you dismissed it. … It’s not my generation’s thing either, but I get it.”

Morgan then changed course and went on to recall a 2019 debate he had on “Good Morning Britain” in which he jokingly said he wanted to identify as a “two-spirit penguin” — a quip that prompted heavy criticism at the time.

“It’s all bulls**t,” he said.

Piers Morgan | Club Random w/ Bill

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