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Reported by SARAH TAYLOR | April 12, 2022


A preschool teacher has gone viral on social media after describing how she teaches her young, impressionable students about her personal life — including the fact that the teacher is polyamorous, gender-fluid, not identifying as either female or male — and that she is a pagan witch. The teacher, who, according to the Post Millennial, goes by the name Lois Schwartz, recently shared a video in which she bragged about her woke students and their informal education on human sexuality.

“Man, y’all thought me teaching the children about me being poly was crazy. But, not only that, but they also know that I’m gender-fluid!” she said in the video. “At one-point last year, I had explained to them that I was not Miss Lois or Mr. Lois. It’s just Lois because I’m not a boy or girl. And this was all well and good until October, when I also explained to them that I’m pagan, so I am also a witch.”

She continued, “And at one point I got a haircut, and I had gotten the sides of my mohawk shaved down and I come into work and one of the children goes, ‘Lois, are you a boy? You have short hair.’ And his sister goes, ‘No, Lois is a girl.’ And a third child, who is my favorite, suddenly yells, ‘No guys, we’ve been over this. Lois isn’t a boy or a girl. Lois is a witch. Duh.'”

The video, posted by the Libs of TikTok Twitter account, was captioned, “This polyamorous genderfluid witch is a preschool teacher in Florida. She’s so proud of herself that she discusses her gender and sexuality with 4 year olds[.]”

The owner of the Libs of TikTok Twitter account recently told the Post Millennial that they believe the American school system is breaking down, concerning video by concerning video.

“I think that the American education system is completely and has completely been taken over by leftists,” the Twitter handle owner, who was not identified, told the outlet. “From the top down, we have the school board, the superintendent, the teachers, the staff, and it has been completely taken over over the last few years. So what we’re seeing is the, like, push for, you know, the woke agenda, which includes, obviously, the sexual stuff and the critical race theory, and even some anti-American propaganda. We’re seeing all of that being incorporated into all the schools, which are run by these crazy leftists.”


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