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Reported by SAMUEL MANGOLD-LENETT | February 08, 2022


In a letter to parents and students, Osvaldo Jose Marti, head of the Moses Brown Lower School, said, “As we approach the month of February, we are writing to share some guidelines for the selection and exchange of Valentines in the Lower School. If your child wishes to bring cards for classmates, please consider these recommendations, which we make in an effort to promote kindness and inclusivity within our community …”

“Please coach your child if purchasing commercially produced cards to select something that does not feel ‘gender normative,’” the letter said, “Also, consider talking to your child about avoiding cards that portray only White human characters. Representation matters and our students of color also deserve to see themselves in some of the cards they receive, unless we can find cards without people pictured at all.”

This is not the first time that Moses Brown embraced woke insanity. Parents have complained that the school has an “obsession” with “transgender themes” and encourages students to proclaim “it is ok to be Gay.”

One mother told a regional radio show in New England that a teacher explained to her four-year-old daughter that someday the child “might want to marry another girl.” Children enrolled in Moses Brown’s pre-primary education program are taught to announce their pronouns to their class.

According to the school’s website, Moses Brown’s Lower School — which looks after children starting with nursery care through the 4th grade — emphasizes “the importance of being responsible citizens, and caring for others and the world beyond their doorstep” and helping students “develop their talents in a way that is uniquely theirs, while appreciating and celebrating the different abilities of those around them.”

Moses Brown’s high school provides students with several “service/awareness” organizations to participate in. These include the Gender Sexuality Alliance Club where students are encouraged to “explore issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity/expression” and “Equal Voice,” which “focuses on issues of feminism and equality.”

Moses Brown is a Quaker school system. The school says that the “world needs ethical leadership” and its mission as a Quaker school “is to provide the rising generation with an ethical core, an unshakable foundation of integrity that fosters respect, non-violent resolution of conflict, and the desire to make a positive difference in the world.”

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