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Reported by SAMUEL MANGOLD-LENETT | February 01, 2022


Dr. Leana Wen is at it again, folks.

In a recent editorial published in the Washington Post, Dr. Leana Wen — CNN’s medical expert — called for lifting COVID-19 restrictions across the country as the Omicron variant’s presence begins to wane. Dr. Wen acknowledged that many Americans are likely feeling fatigued with safety precautions that have faded in relevance, such as masking, social distancing, and self-isolating. Omicron was one of several variants that sent society into a tizzy, Wen acknowledges, and it likely won’t be the last now that COVID-19 is endemic.

The likely emergence of new variants that could very well be more lethal than Omicron is precisely why Dr. Wen encouraged relaxing COVID restrictions. She said “new and possibly dangerous variants are likely to emerge. But it is precisely because of this future threat that we need to allow normalcy now.” However, Dr. Wen, as indicated by the last word in her statement, isn’t calling for society to return to normal in perpetuity. She calls for COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted to give people a breather right before reimplementing them upon the premiere of the next variant.

Wen writes, “In areas where hospitalizations are declining, the rapid removal of restrictions with the understanding that they may need to come back if new threats emerge. Doing so could give weary Americans much-needed respite while also preserving public-health authority for when it’s needed again.”

She also calls for the local and federal government and businesses to implement rigorous vaccine requirements while allowing the vaccinated to forgo COVID-19 restrictions. Essentially, Dr. Wen is calling for those who received a COVID-19 vaccination not to be burdened by restrictions, while those who are unvaccinated must continue to deal with them.

Paradoxically, Dr. Wen writes, “Keep vaccine requirements and drop everything else. The vaccinated who have done everything right, should not have any restrictions placed on them; it’s not fair to them and it disincentivizes vaccination.”

What Dr. Wen is clearly advocating for is a tiered society in which those who are compliant with vaccination mandates are allowed to participate uninhibited while those who don’t receive the vaccine must continue to jump through hoops on a day-to-day basis.

Dr. Wen wants to force the American public to receive the vaccine. She calls for an end to masking for the vaccinated while hoping for a reality where the unvaccinated are shamed into vaccination due to the embarrassment of wearing a mask.

Wen’s warped wish list for reality comes as Dr. Anthony Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admit that a lot of the protocols implemented as COVID restrictions were products of social engineering; they wanted to see what people would tolerate.

That said, a new study from Johns Hopkins University revealed that COVID-19 lockdowns and preventive restrictions had little to no effect on reducing COVID’s mortality rate while “imposing numerous economic and social costs.”

The study states that these procedures are “ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.” But, considering that people like Dr. Wen are more concerned with cramming their worldview down the throats of the American people, rather than following the science, it is likely this research will not find its way into public policy anytime soon.

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