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Reported By Michael Gryboski, Christian Post Reporter | Tuesday, July 13, 2021


planned parenthood
The exterior of a Planned Parenthood Reproductive Health Services Center is seen on May 28, 2019, in St Louis, Missouri. | Getty Images/Michael B. Thomas

A former Planned Parenthood sex education volunteer says a program that Iowa recently banned from receiving taxpayer funding pushed materials that encouraged students to become sexually active, “leading them to abortion.”

encouraged students to become sexually active, “leading them to abortion.”

Monica Cline, a former volunteer educator with Planned Parenthood, was recently interviewed by the Catholic news outlet EWTN for a “Pro-Life Weekly” segment. The interview came in response to a recent decision by the Iowa Supreme Court to uphold the right of the state to ban Planned Parenthood from participating in two federally-funded grant programs. Cline expressed support for the decision, saying that Planned Parenthood’s educational materials are aimed at “pushing sexuality and sexualizing children.”

“I went ahead and looked into the programs they were implementing in Iowa,” said Cline. “I was looking at the research findings and all of them were shown that they had very little positive results or no effects or even at times adverse effects, due to these types of interventions on the children.”

According to Cline, the Planned Parenthood educational materials “did not promote abstinence at all,” but rather were meant “to teach children about sexuality in order for them to become sexually active.”

“These programs are about sexualizing children and leading them to abortion,” she warned. “That is what sex education is. Comprehensive sexuality education is all about grooming children … using it as a marketing tool to lead to abortion.”

“”That is what sex education is. Comprehensive sexuality education is all about grooming children … using it as a marketing tool to lead to abortion.”

Last month, the Iowa Supreme Court issued a ruling of 6-1 to uphold sections 99 and 100 of House File 766, which the Iowa General Assembly passed in 2019. The sections prohibit abortion providers from receiving funds from the Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, which is overseen by the Iowa Department of Human Services and the Personal Responsibility Education Program, which the Iowa Department of Public Health oversees. Justice Dana Oxley wrote the majority opinion, concluding that the state “has considerable leeway in selecting who will deliver a government message, whether the message is a diversity and inclusion program, a drug prevention program, or, in this case, a sexual education and teen pregnancy prevention program.”

Justice Brent Appel wrote the lone dissent, arguing that “the statutes impose unconstitutional conditions on Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPH) by attempting to restrict abortion activities done on ‘their own time and dime.’”

“The legislature through unconstitutional conditions in these statutes is trying to accomplish indirectly what it cannot do directly: namely, attack abortion rights,” wrote Appel.

“This cannot be permitted. For the reasons expressed below, I would affirm the lower court’s grant of PPH’s motion for summary judgment on other grounds.”

On its website, Planned Parenthood boasts of being the “largest provider of sex education in the United States, reaching 1.5 million people with education and outreach each year.”

“Planned Parenthood sex educators teach across the lifespan — including elementary, middle, and high school as well as young adults, parents, and older adults,” stated Planned Parenthood.

“They include topics that matter, like communication skills, decision making, birth control, [sexually transmitted infections], healthy relationships, consent, body image, anatomy, and puberty.”  

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