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Reported By Joe Hoft | Published November 30, 2020 at 1:30pm

Two days ago we reported on suspect ballots in Dane County Wisconsin.   President Trump followed up our post with a tweet regarding the subject.  This past weekend City Attorney for Madison, Wisconsin, Mike Haas, who did not like our post reached out to The Gateway Pundit.

The City Attorney for the Madison (Wisconsin) Attorney’s Office, Mike Haas, opined on our post in an email to us on Sunday:

I hate to burst your bubble Joe, but the initials are for the Clerk who issues the ballots. So why would it be surprising to see the same initials on so many ballots. It would actually be odd if that was not the case. And those “fake votes” in the photo? Those are actually called Express Votes ballots which are cast using universal voting equipment designed to allow people with disabilities to vote.  The comments to your article are threatening violence against a public official and your post is irresponsibly promoting that. If I could access the comments to post this information there I would. So instead I am requesting that you remove the inaccurate information from this post. I am the City Attorney for the City of Madison where this happened and if there are additional threats or actual harassment against our employees we will be holding you accountable.

We found the City Attorney’s response threatening and uneducated.  His comment about hating to “burst your bubble” of course was also dishonest and unprofessional.   Haas asks why it would be surprising to see the same initials on so many absentee ballots but he doesn’t share how many ballots those initials are on.  Is it a couple thousand or tens of thousands – we’d like to know?

Haas claims our article and the comments to it were “irresponsibly promoting violence.”  Certainly violence is something we would never promote and do not promote.  The Gateway Pundit does not  support BLM or Antifa or any violent political organization.

Haas threatens us but neglects to acknowledge our first amendment right to free speech.  If something is fishy or fraudulent in Wisconsin concerning the 2020 election, we have every right to report it.  We look on reporting the truth as our duty and mandate.

The comments from Haas may not be surprising we discovered.  He stepped down as the “embattled Wisconsin Elections Commission administrator” in 2018:

Embattled Wisconsin Elections Commission administrator Michael Haas said Tuesday that he will step down and not pursue legal options to challenge the state Senate’s rejection of his confirmation last month, saying “it is time for this foolishness to end.”

Haas also issued a warning, saying Wisconsin risks falling “dangerously behind” in preparing for the fall election in the face of risks and threats to the country’s election systems. He urged the Legislature to approve the hiring of three more staffers at the Elections Commission and said he hopes his resignation will remove any obstacle to that happening.

Is Madison Attorney Haas trying to protect others or is he trying to cover something up?  We suspect time will provide that answer.


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