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Reported By Adam Casalino | July 2, 2020

Trump Calls For Round 2 Of Stimulus Checks – Unlike The Democrats, He Wants Them To Be Larger Than $1,200

What’s Happening:

When numerous states shut down their economies, President Trump supported several rounds of relief checks sent out to Americans. The goal was to provide a cushion for people who were struggling, thanks to government overreach. With states still lagging in their reopening efforts, many Americans have yet to return to work.

So, the president wants to provide more economic relief. This time, however, he wants to provide more money than the Democrats:

President Trump supports another round of economic impact payments to individuals, he told FOX Business on Wednesday…

“I support actually larger numbers than the Democrats, but it’s got to be done properly,” Trump said. “I want the money getting to people to be larger so they can spend it. I want the money to get there quickly and in a noncomplicated fashion.”

Our Take:

President Trump supported the sending of trillions of dollars to American citizens, as well as the creation of a loan program to keep businesses afloat. All to prevent a total breakdown of the economy, thanks to mandatory lockdowns imposed by cities and states. 

This time, it appears the administration is looking to provide an injection of cash to accelerate the reopenings. As businesses, including hotels and airlines, reopen, they’ll need consumers fast. Perhaps Trump is hoping a new round of checks would encourage Americans to take vacations, boosting the hard-hit travel industry.

The president focused on this next relief package to be quick and “noncomplicated.” Previous efforts to pass relief were hampered by Democrats—who tried to inject a variety of far-left funding into the bills. Nancy Pelosi even stalled on one bill, leading to the loan program to temporarily run out of money.

Trump says he wants it done “properly,” which might suggest sending checks only to those in real need. While many have been put out of work, it’s hard to say if all Americans need relief payments. In addition, many complained when large companies (and universities) took money from the loan program meant for small businesses.

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Key Takeaways:

  • President Trump supporters a new round of relief checks.
  • Trump wants them payments to be larger, but done “properly.”
  • The administration had previously hoped to provide funds as states reopened.

Source: Fox Business

Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal. Find his other work:

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