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Written by Staff Writer | April 5, 2020

On Sunday a video surfaced on the web from a New York doctor that exclusively treats the coronavirus. As you watch the video you can see the exhaustion and the physical toll his work has taken on his body. The New York doctor explains how one can get the coronavirus, it treated for the virus, and how to prevent contracting the virus.

The video was released by Benny Johnson who is a conservative reporter and works for Turning Point USA. The video was published on the same day New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reported that the State of New York has seen its first drop in daily coronavirus deaths.

“You could argue that you are seeing a plateauing,” Cuomo told reporters on Sunday, as he revealed that the state had reported 594 new coronavirus deaths — down from the 630 reported on Saturday and the 562 on Friday. At least 4,159 people have died in the state so far, with approximately 122,000 total positive cases.

When Cuomo was pressed if this could be the beginning of the end he said he can’t be sure.

“The statisticians will not give you a straight answer on anything,” he responded. “At first, it was straight up and straight down, or a total V. Or maybe it’s up with a plateau and we’re somewhere on the plateau. They don’t know.”

“The number of beds doesn’t really matter anymore,” Cuomo went on. “We have the beds. It’s the ventilators, and then it’s the staff.”

What is positive to see is that the great doctors of our country are starting to get a handle on this disease.

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